View Full Version : new moon at 9 pisces tomorrow

28-02-2006, 06:47
what can this mean for me if its exactly going to be conjunct my descendant
is it good news? i hope so
i notice it will be conjunct uranus as well which is at 10 pisces now
some sort of radical u turn sudden endings or beginnings or surprises come to mind in regards to relationships
time to blow some cobwebs away maybe?
fingers crossed

01-03-2006, 14:07
With teh sun eclipsing Uranus, and in turn the moon eclipsing a part of the suns energy, it will actually have been a very low energy day, but a good time for deep thought, introspective dreams, psychic energy projection, and anything that takes more than 5 seconds to set up. Now that the moon is leaving pisces, and the sun moving away from Uranus, we will see the energies that have been absent lately re-emerge with new light. Your decendent may just make it an upward swing more than most, but avoid getting too delusional.

edited to add:

I was looking for asteroid information on phaethon, went to NASA space and sciences webpages, and found this (http://science.nasa.gov/headlines/y2005/22dec_lunartaurid.htm). I have to wonder about Taurus/Cancer situations right now, how much impact there has been.