View Full Version : House placement of Sun in a chart

07-03-2006, 13:42
Just interested in your opinions about the house placement of the Sun in a natal chart. I know that the house the Sun is in give it a 'flavour' so to speak but just not sure how much to consider this. When I interpret a chart generally I have been giving this quite a lot of emphasis. For example in a chart of a Sag with sun in the 11th house I see this as a kind of Aquarian type of Sag (other factors in the chart support this). This combination sits quite well together and so I can see how it all works. Other charts such as a Libra Sun in 12th house and Capricorn Sun in 8th house I look at and thing - wow, that's an interesting combination. For example it's as if the Libar Sun would be quite uncomforatble sitting in the 12th house. Maybe I'm making too big a deal of it. Another example, for the Capricorn SUn in the 8th house - there is no other Scorpio stuff in the chart but would this person take on some Scorpio traits because of the Sun placement.

Hope that's not all to convoluted. I feel like when I interpret a chart I do so fairly intuitively and I always find that I take the house the Sun is in as quite a big indicator of stuff - hope I'm not on the wrong track.


07-03-2006, 18:16
I don't think you are wrong. I do the same thing, although when it comes to the house, I put emphasis on situations. In other words, that 12th house Libra sun will probably find herself involved in secret affairs of the heart, rather than be uncomfortable because the house seems anathema to her nature.