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13-03-2006, 13:35
I remember someone showing me a book <Can't remember author or title>, about 6 or 7 years ago, that had a section on the power of rocks, that had a naturally formed hole (singular) in them <formed by water, or some other natural product>. Does anyone out there know anything of this?


13-03-2006, 15:06
Yes, I do what specificly would you like to know?

13-03-2006, 15:09
Just an overview, or if you can lead me to where I can read up on this myself. I have a bag full of rocks like this that I got about 9 years ago from Kentucky, and would like to know more about what these rocks signify, how they are used, and so forth.

Thank you for responding


13-03-2006, 15:16
A good book is The Illustrated Directory of Healing Crystals~ by Cassandra Eason.
Page 143 has a nice section about Holey Rocks.
Their mythology and history, divinatory significance, healing, uses, psychic associations and how to recharge their energy.
Very nice book I use it very often and one of the few I've found that actually talks about Holey rock.
I have one I found on the beach here by Lake Michigan.
You are so lucky to have a whole bag full!

The book is avaliable through Amazon for about $10.00.

13-03-2006, 15:21
I pick up beach rocks regularly, that have holes like this through them, the glacier left them behind in our area and Lake Michigan's worn them smooth. Most are 1/2"-3" in size, with small holes mostly formed by either iron pyrite that's eroded out OR (and this is usually) holes started where a fossil was embedded and is now gone.

They're light enough to string on a cord, and my mom had been collecting these for years (she finally sold her 5' long strand). I take the ones I find and sell them for a dollar at the medieval festival, they get a gold cord through them with a tag about 'fairy holes'. I'd found only a little online, the stories differ. Either looking through the hole allows you to see things as they really are, without the fairy 'glamour', OR you can see the land of fey through them. At least that's what I've been putting on the tags.

But I've heard from someone pagan that natural holes in river rocks do have a sort of power of their own, so are prized for that. The ones I've found all seem to be a very light gray, not a yellow, dark gray, black, shade of brown or any other color. So when I look for them I watch for that color in particular. Some have very nice holes, some have barely a space worn through all the way. Some have stones wedged inside but those can be popped out since they didn't originate there and just were jammed in by the wave action of the lake.

Hey Lark! I've been finding mine at Doctors Park in Milwaukee, got 14 there the last visit! I heard there are some nice stone beaches north of here at Harrington State Park, and over east on the Michigan shoreline as well.

cynthia padley
13-03-2006, 15:27
Thanks for mentioning the book, I am interested in healing rocks. I have bought a bunch of chinese quartz crystal points and rhodosites that I plan on putting s.s. wires=wrapping them and giving them away to people with illness /cancers etc. I am going to order this book. Thanks

13-03-2006, 15:27
HudsonGrey here is some interesting lore about holey stones you might want to add to the ones you sell.
A holey stone suspended on a red cord tied with three knots in it is supposed to protect your home, workplace, farm and farm buildings from any harm.
And holey stones with three holes in them are especially powerful.

13-03-2006, 15:32
Thank you for the info, I've ordered the book! These were found at a river, don't really know where, in Kentucky/Arkansas. I got these from someone else who found them.


13-03-2006, 15:34
. Hey Lark! I've been finding mine at Doctors Park in Milwaukee, got 14 there the last visit! I heard there are some nice stone beaches north of here at Harrington State Park, and over east on the Michigan shoreline as well.
Mine is from over here on the lake shore in Racine very close to the big golf course...forget the name of it now, but it is light grey like you say.
My fairy doll is holding mine in her hands now.
I used to keep it on a keychain with my keys for many years.
soon it will be beach weather again and we can go rock hunting. :)

Ruby Red Slippers
13-03-2006, 15:58
Couldn’t believe that I see this thread today…..Just got back from the beach
Pacific NW where we were collecting holey stones – gray also – and beach agates!

I agree Hudson gray about the fey connection & also hanging one on the bed-post will keep the bad dreams away.

We had a great time walking along the beach – happy rock hunting to all!


13-03-2006, 23:51
Here is some information on Holey Stones for you (they're also called "Hag Stones" in case you decide to research them again... :))


I know I've been questing for an Acadian Holey Stone for quite awhile... I plan to look again this May. You're very lucky to have some... They are very sacred and powerful stones to some people (myself included!).

Ruby Red Slippers
14-03-2006, 03:53

Thanks so much for the sites - they are great & have so much information.

Yesterday while walking along the beach I asked for something pink - and lo & behold I found a holey stone w/a pink (bright pink) coloring like a thumb-print on the one side. I was excited and now want to make it into a necklace to wear for special luck!

I liked seeing how the holey stones were transformed w/natural fibers for wearing or hanging on the web-site.

Thanks for this and for the wonderful sharing about the sea shells! Welcome.


14-03-2006, 06:47
What exactly is an 'Acadian Holey Stone'?


14-03-2006, 07:35
Holey Stones

"Holey Stones have natuarally occurring holes caused by water erosion, weather, or even tiny shelled sea-creatures. The first holy stone was likely a holey stone. They are sometimes referred to as "Odin Stones" based on a story of Odin transforming himself into a worm to slip through a hole in a rock to steal "the mead of poetry." Other names include Hag Stones, Crone Stones, Eye Stones, Womb Stones, Luck Bringers, Messenger Stones, Witch Stones, Blessing Stones, Faerie Stones and Faerie Portals.
The reason for their magical power is the same as that of the ancient amulet cowrie shell, since both symbolize transition and the portal of birth. It is considered lucky to find one, as they are a sign of Faerie/Elemental Blessing and as a gift form Gaia, the Earth Mother. It was looked upon as a life symbol and luck bringer as it could be carried away from the place of origin, unlike boulder-type holy stones at ancient sites of great power and magic.
These stones have been used historically for protection and healing. It is believed that looking through the hole gives one access to the faerie realm.
In Araida, they are told that to find a holey stone is a special sign of Diana.

Element: Water
Energy: Receptive
Deity: Odin, Diana, Gaia

Can be charged to aid in healing. Promotes psychic ability, health and protection. Prevents nightmares and encourages dream divination. Protects the weared from negative magic. Supports transition and rebirth.
Experiment-your stone will let you know how it wishes to bless you."

This came on the pamphlet, when I bought my stone.
I just wanted one to see what it was like.
They're unique!
ros :)