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Lula Jing
13-03-2006, 19:43
Hi everyone,

I received a book called "Tarot Life Planner" by Lady Lorelei as a gift and I found a fun spread called "78 Career Choices" which you can do help you "think, decide and plan" your career (as apposed to a surefire method of determining your next career move).

You ask yourself the following:

What is my best job choice for now?
Which career choices best suit my Body/Mind/Spirit?
Which job will help me pay my bills?
Which job will I find most satisfying?
Which job opportunity is coming to me?

You can draw up to 3 cards to answer each, but I decided on just one, just to get a feel for it.

The fun part is that each of the 78 cards gets a job description and you get to look those up. Rather than detail the whole 78, I've shown the Majors so you get the idea.

0 The Fool: venture capitalist, skydiver, rock climber
1 The Magician: scientist, chemist, engineer
2 The High Priestess: tarot reader, mystic or role related to divination, reiki therapist
3 The Empress: role in health or women's issues, gynaecologiest, gardener
4 The Emperor: prime minister, ultimate authority
5 The Hierophant: vicar or priest, priestess
6 The Lovers: sex therapist, dating agent
7 The Chariot: driver, leader in the military
8 Justice: lawyer, judge, court worker
9 The Hermit: writer, or an actual hermit
10 The Wheel of Fortune: gambler, worker in lottery
11 Strength: large animal trainer, vet
12 The Hanged Man: volunteer or charity worker
13 Death: worker in a funeral director's or with those suffering from terminal illness
14 Temperance: gymnast, polarity therapy
15 The Devil: bartender, worker in media
16 The Tower: disaster relief worker, explosives technician
17 The Star: life coach, whatever inspires you
18 The Moon: astronomer, astronaut
19 The Sun: childcare worker, any outside work
20 Judgement: look to your higher power for advice
21 The World: do it all, or several things

I tried this out for fun and got:

What is my best job choice for now? The Chariot
driver, leader in the military
Hehe, I could do with a company car in my next job! :)

Which career choices best suit my Body/Mind/Spirit? The Hermit
writer, or an actual hermit
I love writing and spending time in my own company!

Which job will help me pay my bills? Ace of Cups
anything I WANT to do

Which job will I find most satisfying? Page of Swords
intelligence agent.
This was interesting, as my line of work is in business intelligence/information :D

Which job opportunity is coming to me? 9 of Cups
hehe, wine taster, market researcher
I have been tasting some wine lately, but not as a job!

Joking aside... this was not far off the mark!

It's a good book and I am enjoying it so far.

ISBN 0 7537 1135 4
ISBN 13 9780753711354

Shy x

13-03-2006, 20:05
Using the Gothic Majors

What is my best job choice for now?
The Moon - astronomer, astronaut
Ahhhh thats where I have been going wrong! Applying for retail and admin jobs when really I should be looking up the skies and beyond!
Sitting on my moon, getting hunky men to fly up to see me... yes I like that job option!

Which career choices best suit by Body/Mind/Spirit?
Strength - large animal trainer, vet
lol well I would like to be zoo keeper! Or maybe its just referring to be constantly challenged and inspired by the job.

Which job will help me pay my bills?
Star - life coach, whatever inspires you
Hmm I sometimes see tarot readers as being a bit of a life coach, offering advice on how they should do things and cope with life... lol Or maybe I like telling people what to do hehe. Though disappointing flying to the Moon won't pay the bills .
Use my skills from one job and use them to help spark another option.

Which job will I find most satisfying?
High Priestess - tarot reader, mystic or role related to divination, reiki therapist
Telling people what to do based on my hotline to the gods... or in the Gothic being dressed in next to nothing. I would really like that job but alas Astronaut is the way for me :P

Which job opportunity is coming to me?
Temperence gymnast, polarity therapy
You mean I'm not a sexy vampire looking menancingly around a big bubbling cauldron in a room full of red haze isnt coming to me soon?! I'm still looking through the papers to see if there any mad scientist apprentiships going. Its a dying industry I tell you.

Seriously thought, do you think call centre agent comes under 'gymnast, polarity therapy' ? Thats my interview today.

That was fun! Thanks Shy!


Lula Jing
13-03-2006, 20:41
Glad you liked it Sezo!

I guess you could just use the majors for this, it would make sense as then each question would get a major response...

However, using the whole deck might let you know that hey, you don't need a serious job right now - like for me, to pay the bills I could do pretty much "anything I like" with the Ace of Cups. Job satisfaction would seem to be high up on my list.

I'm tempted to list the whole deck, but not sure about infringing copyright and not sure my fingers would cope...

I might crack under pressure tho, if you Tarot types were to twist my arm ;)

13-03-2006, 21:44
5 The Hierophant: vicar or priest, priestess

Ok, maybe I should take the veil and go in an abbey (I am pretty sure our HR department would very much approve it) :)

Lula Jing
13-03-2006, 22:16
Ok to make it more fun (and to risk having my wrists slapped!) here are the Minor job descriptions listed in the book: :)

Ace of Wands: role in male health
2 of Wands: freelancer
3 of Wands: sailor, explorer, prospector
4 of Wands: civil rights worker, politician
5 of Wands: mediator
6 of Wands: courier for a shipping company
7 of Wands: join a cause you believe in
8 of Wands: pilot, worker in the aviation industry
9 of Wands: stay where you are, stick with it
10 of Wands: care worker
Page of Wands: religious counsellor, church worker
Knight of Wands: opt for something completely different!
Queen of Wands: join a company where you like the people
King of Wands: choose the job that keeps you honest

Ace of Cups: what you WANT to do
2 of Cups: marriage counsellor
3 of Cups: social or recreation director
4 of Cups: substance abuse counsellor
5 of Cups: teacher
6 of Cups: photographic consultant
7 of Cups: artist, actor, novelist
8 of Cups: outdoor guide
9 of Cups: wine taster, market researcher
10 of Cups: concentrate on your family and home life for now
Page of Cups: academic
Knight of Cups: office manager
Queen of Cups: spouse, parent
King of Cups: doctor, nurse, therapist

Ace of Swords: ethics teacher or counsellor
2 of Swords: court advocate
3 of Swords: relationship of grief counsellor
4 of Swords: worker at beach, mountain or any tourist resort
5 of Swords: insurance broker
6 of Swords: sailor, travel agent
7 of Swords: circus worker
8 of Swords: prison guard or worker
9 of Swords: therapist, psychiatrist
10 of Swords: suicide hotline worker
Page of Swords: intelligence agent
Knight of Swords: military personnel
Queen of Swords: role in middle management
King of Swords: role in senior management

Ace of Coins: start your own business
2 of Coins: juggler, entertainer
3 of Coins: construction worker
4 of Coins: banker
5 of Coins: emergency services, hospital worker or role in medical supplies
6 of Coins: non-profit fund raiser
7 of Coins: farmer
8 of Coins: master craftsman
9 of Coins: investment or financial consultant
10 of Coins: estate agent or property investor
Page of Coins: special education worker
Knight of Coins: role in utilities
Queen of Coins: pre-nuptial or marriage lawyer
King of Coins: get better at what you do now

Lula Jing
13-03-2006, 22:25
5 The Hierophant: vicar or priest, priestess

Ok, maybe I should take the veil and go in an abbey (I am pretty sure our HR department would very much approve it) :) hehe - what do you mean? lol I'm sure my HR dept would take a similar view with me too. ;)

15-03-2006, 08:54
I really needed this spread to do tonight. My dream is to become an actress and I am going to make moves on it now but I need a job flexible enough for me to pursue that dream yet I don't know what type of job to get that will fit actors time schedule and finance decency (ha ha!!)

I will do it tonight definately!

Lula Jing
16-03-2006, 01:46
I will do it tonight definately! OK, good luck and let us know if it shines a light on your career choices. :)

29-03-2006, 08:51
Nice, thanks for sharing! :)

29-03-2006, 12:08
this is exactly the kind of spread I've been looking for! i can't wait to try this out, thanks for posting!

29-03-2006, 19:13
I'm going to try a reading for me and then for my boyfriend,and then for my brother and I'm very curious what it is going to say about my mum.Maybe I'll even do one reading for my sister who's in Spain now :-) or maybe even for my father who...welll...I don't know what-so maybe I'll see what's been going on in his life since I last saw him :]

29-03-2006, 19:17
There's no translator...:-( So what am I gonna do with that? When I do the reading(or readins) I'll tell you about the results...However,I don't know what I'm gonna do with that translator's job...It probably fits into one of the categories...

14-04-2006, 09:42
One of my friends sees The Star place-wise as a hospital, since she works at one -- so she believes The Star would be a good representation of a nurse or doctor. :)

25-03-2008, 04:09
I tried this spread and it was not that accurate...also, since I read with reversals, the spread didn't address such (and when I looked at the upright positions, it didn't seem to fit unless I went back to the lesson of the previous card -- and even that was hit or miss).

This spread (and the "career assignments" :rolleyes:) are pretty broad and don't seem to take into account things such as educational requirements and whatnot. I wouldn't try this with an actual querent.

I'm not impressed. Thank you for sharing, though, Shy Priestess, and I'm glad it seemed to work for you.


Lula Jing
25-03-2008, 04:37
I had forgotten all about this...

On reflection, I think it's probably more of a fun type thing... in a way, it did give me some new angles on the cards and their possible meanings at the time, which I agree are somewhat broad-brush for career options.

Maybe it would be better for simply brainstorming ideas... for someone who really has no clue about what they want to do and wants to start off by exploring some fun options. E.g. Prime Minister could more realistically translate to an interest in politics... etc.

But hey - thanks for reminding me of one of my sillier moments here... :D

25-03-2008, 07:30
I realized it was more for a fun thing, but it did get me to thinking, what 'career' would you assign each of the major arcana? I think I'll have to start a new thread on this, as it is not appropriate here. but, this initial post did get me to wondering. look for the thread to be posted, after I get a chance to go through each major arcana and see what career I think would be assigned to each. thanks for the idea there, Shy Priestess.

Lula Jing
25-03-2008, 08:40
...look for the thread to be posted, after I get a chance to go through each major arcana and see what career I think would be assigned to each. thanks for the idea there, Shy Priestess.Look forward to seeing that... sounds like a good idea for a new thread. :)

Lula Jing
25-03-2008, 09:43
Which career choices best suit my Body/Mind/Spirit? Knave Swords - intelligence agent
Had I been born a male this would have been it.Have you never heard of Clarice Starling (Silence of the Lambs?) ;)

06-09-2016, 16:41
I thought the concept behind this spread was interesting, so I gave it a try.

Like others before me, I found that some cards resonated with the suggestions provided and some not at all. I drew 3 cards for each question by the way.

Instead I decided to use my intuition applied to the imagery or general meaning of the card to see what careers could be related to each card and then it made much more sense.
For example I think the Moon representing only space-related jobs was a bit too narrow.
It can be so many other things! Astrology, female/mother-related jobs, night-shift job, etc.
There is a lot going on with this card, a lot of symbolism. So doing it that way might yield better results I think.

I'm still glad I tried it and won't hesitate to use it again with friends and relatives, or for other questions I might have. Thanks for sharing it with us. :)

07-09-2016, 06:09
Sounds like fun Lula Jing :)

I've taken it away to try...