View Full Version : Juno, P.O.F. and Mean Node in Terrorist Attacks

The monk
16-03-2006, 08:09
Recently i posted The event charts to terrorist attacks, showing similair traits, that corresponded to the angles, that was usually a kite that incorperated Mean Node and Juno.
I have now found another key ingredient that may help to predict a location, as on two thirds of terrorist attack charts, the "Arabian Part Of Fortune is prominent as well.
As Mean Node and Part of Fortune are calcalated by different methods this may help to predict a location and time before hand.
Obviously this is early days of research, but i will show how we may get better at prediction by the event chart on attachment....others will follow, plus up coming planetary alignments that we may have a 30% success rate in predicting as this process evolves.
Any one that wishes update on this research, please look up my thread on terrorist attacks of a few months back.
As this is new research including P.O.F., as well as Juno and Mean Node, i am putting this on a fresh thread.

The monk
16-03-2006, 11:29
Before i saw the connection with P.O.F., and before this attack, i had posted the chart conditions with a random location on another forum. (against rules to advertise other forums, but will verify it through Paradoxx, if needed).
Predicting a location has always been a problem, yet it may get easier to pinpoint now that P.O.F. is associated in so many cases.
I do use slightly larger orbs on sextiles than some of you of 6 degrees.