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17-03-2006, 00:28
Thought this might be of interest to members. I am currently reading UK author Victoria Finlay's book "Colour" and just noticed that publication is coming up on her new book:

Jewels: a Secret History by Victoria Finlay

Hardcover - 448 pages (August 15, 2006)
Language: English
Ballantine Books ; ISBN: 0345466942

Described in an author note in her previous book "Colour: Travels Through the Paintbox" as "a biography of precious stones."

Not yet published but can be preordered at amazon or just stuck on your wishlist. I put it on my wishlist--her writing is great--part travelogue, part history, part anthropology, part sociology.

I'm always curious about gemstones and where they come from and how they are mined and marketed--this looks like it will cover that, as well as throw in some quirky human culture and history.

17-03-2006, 01:11
sounds interesting-I know nothing about gemstones but would like to start learning, maybe this book would be a starting point.

17-03-2006, 02:10
I know nothing about gemstones but would like to start learning, maybe this book would be a starting point.

Could be, I didn't know anything about them either until I started using them in making jewellery. Then I just wanted to know about them and discover their variations and properties. The book I use is:

The Crystal Bible: A Definitive Guide to Crystals by Judy Hall
Paperback 400 pages (March 5, 2003)
Publisher: Godsfield Press Ltd
Language: English
ISBN: 1841811750

I just checked on amazon.uk and they are selling the Hall book for 8.57. Nice shiny paper and lots of photographs. I found the photographs helpful in recognizing polished stones and raw stones--they often look quite different when polished.

[p.s. your name "greenbeans" reminds me of the Frank Zappa song "No Not Now" which has a chorus "stringbeans from Utah." Okay, well isn't that interesting? <g>]

17-03-2006, 02:20
lol, that *is* interesting-I am not from Utah though! Maybe 'stringbeans' is my skinnier American counterpart??

thanks for the details, pictures etc sounds good, and just under 9 quid for 400 pages-bargain! I will put it on my amazon list!

27-09-2006, 04:41
Just an update to say that this book by Victoria Finlay is now in print in hardcover and is getting great reviews at amazon.com where the price is $16.35 US or at amazon.ca it is $23.07 CAD.

Not bad for a 496 page hardcover book that has a colour plate section and black and white illustrations sprinkled throughout.

27-09-2006, 09:56
Thanks for the tip on Victoria Finlay's book

I too have Judy Halls Crystal bible and its very good - lovely pics and interesting information... and I paid $40 Australian for it!!