View Full Version : great herb book and cheap

26-03-2006, 08:20
For those with Costco memberships in the US, keep an eye out for the following book:

Practical Herb Garden by Jessica Houdret

The book is published in the UK and is really gorgeous. I have a number of books on herbs and this is by far the nicest in terms of pics. And it's only $6!!! My son picked it up at our Costco here in Los Angeles, so I don't know how widely it is available. But it's certainly worth looking for at any price since it has a nice photo of every herb discussed (and they are virtually ALL discussed) and is printed on very heavy paper stock. This is a real treasure, IMO. Even trees such as cedar and oak fiigure into the pages. It's a very complete book on practically any plant that is useful as an herb/medicine.