View Full Version : Juno, the connector to both world wars

The monk
30-03-2006, 05:09
Hi everyone,
The primary document that started the First World War was a telegram dated 28th July 1914, sent at 11:10am. from Vienna, Austria.
The telegram was from the Astro-Hungarian foriegn minister, (Count Leopold Von Berchtold) to the Serbian Prime Minister, (M.N. Pashitch), stating that war now existed between the two.
The Armistice was signed by Erzberger on behalf of the German nation, which was in effect Germany surrendering. This happened in a train car outside the French town of Rethondes. The cease fire was to be official at 11am. on 11th Nov. 1918, but the document was signed at 05:05am., several hours earlier.
At 09:00am. on the 3rd Sept. 1939, Sir Neville Henderson, Britains ambassador to Germany, Delivered an ultimatum in Berlin, stating that if hostilities did not stop by "11:00Am.", a state of war would exist between Great Britain and Germany.......
Juno was exactly on the M.C. for both the beginning and signing of the Armistice 1914-18, and within two degrees of the I.C. in Berlin at the start of W.W.2.
Picture on attachment showing all M.C's and I.C.