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Sally Gardens
21-07-2002, 12:08
O.K., I have no problem with wanting to keep the boards relatively "clean," at least in language :D , but can you possibly do something to either modify or turn off the profanity checker? Every time I run across a word like "****roaches" or "****tails," I just start cracking up and roll my eyes. :rolleyes:

Maybe it's just because I'm fairly new to the board, but I've never seen anyone try to use the offending word in the offending way, only as part of a perfectly innocuous word. Since the boards are actively moderated, anyway, maybe it would make more sense to deactivate the profanity checker and just delete or modify the occasional offending post, should it occur.

21-07-2002, 12:25
I have not (tempted to use another spelling, lol) COME across those cencored 'words' But HOW FUNNY!!!

21-07-2002, 17:23

21-07-2002, 17:52
Originally posted by Diana
Oops, there's a ****robin sitting on my window-sill.
<Luna> scratching head......
trying to figure that one out. Related to the tails and pesty bugs, or is that related to a....
Blue Footed-*****?

21-07-2002, 22:46
I didn't even know we had a 'profanity checker' lol

edited to say:-
Just figured out ****robin = c--krobin - male robin :D

21-07-2002, 23:10

22-07-2002, 00:11
Although I'd heard the nursery rhyme when I was little it wasn't one of my favourites, I've never told it to my 5 year old and it did take a couple of minutes for the Poor ****robin title to sink in lol

22-07-2002, 00:35
you're right sally. know that i've C*M to think about it!

22-07-2002, 06:03
My mom travels all over the world as part of her job. One of her favorite countries is Japan, WHY? they are an amusing culture. While out and about she entered a gift shop. There she found a little plush rooster that when you would tip it it would crow. The little tag was in Japanese as well as translated into english. The Japanese language can have MANY words for one thing, but then it is very specific. Well through the literal translation the saying came out as follows: "C**k in the morning make you happy"..... Err-erer-ERrrr!!!!

22-07-2002, 06:17
"Who caught his blood?
I said the fish,
with my little dish.
I caught his blood." Verse 3, The Death and Burial of Poor...

You know, just an opinion here, times change. Language changes with the times. Back when the Death and Burial verse was written, Gay carried a very different meaning. Now of course, it would be inappropriate for many of us to go to work and announce that we are feeling quite gay today.

Aeclectic Tarot is a forum available to anybody, regardless of culture or age.

Therefore, there is certain decorum necessary, out of respect for variances in and of, age and culture.

It would be wonderful to not HAVE to have an editor in place to asterisk out certain words, however not everyone understands that when strangers meet, great allowance should be made for differences of custom and training.

22-07-2002, 15:04
The profanity checker has had its list of words modified slightly... *chuckle*

~ Solandia

the hermit
22-07-2002, 19:01
Originally posted by Solandia
The profanity checker has had its list of words modified slightly... *chuckle*

~ Solandia

aaaaaahhhhhh, you're no fun :)
I found it quite amusing. It added a little humor whether the poster meant to or not. Oh well. I'll just have to find another way to amuse myself... sigh

22-07-2002, 20:57
Solandia, I must admit when I first saw ****roaches I almost fell over laughing.

Sally Gardens
22-07-2002, 23:42
Originally posted by Solandia
The profanity checker has had its list of words modified slightly... *chuckle*

~ Solandia

Thank you. Should we later find we have a problem with people wanting to use THAT WORD in an offensive way, you can always add it back to the list. Meanwhile, I don't have to strain my half-asleep brain deciphering posts with words that happen to have those four letters in a row. :D