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01-04-2006, 20:41
Hey there, guys ~

Ive just found out Im going to be an uncle... A very exciting time for my family... Of course, Im doing all I can (being the reliable gay uncle that Im going to be) doing all the research that I can on this little munchkin that's coming into our family...

We've narrowed the birth down to late October - That's what we think and feel, anyway... Im no good at astrology at all - Tarot and other things are my speciality... But I figured there's a whole forum of people here that might be able to give me some form of insight into what sort of things astrologically are going to be in place around late October for the little bub...

Any information at all would be greatly appreciated ;)

Thanks guys,

01-04-2006, 20:46
Congratulations on your coming Uncleship !
A very exciting time for everyone. I always adored being an Aunt !

18-04-2006, 22:25
Towards end Oct. Sun, venus, mars are all in scorpio And neptune goes direct. Scorpio also in jupiter Oh and Uranus in a water sign too!

18-04-2006, 23:21
You still have plenty of time to get adjusted in the uncle role. :D

BTW don't get too fixed to the birth date being end of October, in case it is the first babe for the mummy-to-be it may well be that it the babe will arrive 7 to 10 days after the presumed date of delivery.

18-04-2006, 23:26
congrats to you :)
would second catlin - i was expecting a capricorn little girl, was my first, was 2 weeks late and got a zany aquarian lol

19-04-2006, 02:29
I'm sure you'll make a great uncle (even though I haven't met you but I feel this to be true). Children are such a precious gift!

As for the time you're expecting this little bundle of joy, it's the perfect time! (Of course I would say that, my birthday's late October!) I'm Libran though, and the child will most likely be a Scorpio. No matter the sign, or the smaller details within it, learn all you can from this angel! He/she'll teach you more than you could ever imagine!

20-06-2006, 06:17
Rogan -

As everybody has already warned you, due dates are guesses at best.

A couple of things to be aware of, anyway, from an astrological standpoint. Where the planets are going to be then is a way premature consideration. For one thing, anything that could be said about aspects that far in advance might represent a 1-2% importance factor. Really dreadful aspects can be mitigated by house placement, just as really nice aspects can be destroyed by ouse placement. the actual time of birth is critical.

One thing that might be worth your while knowing at this point is this. There has been research - including statistical research - on astrological signatures within families. Simply put, they exist. Whether they are simple aspects, harmonic relationships, or sign resonances, these things can show up across generatons. Talk to family researchers, and they will tell you how frequently birthdays and deathdays repeat over generations.

Now - many of these patterns involve house placements, and that's what you need to know, and the expectant parents - if they are open to this sort of thing - should know too. With all the pressure from the medical establishment these days to have children during "normal business hours," what's a convenience to the hospital and doctor may set up a pattern where the child ends up with a chart that doesn't match the family theme. That chart will very much work! But it sets up the child for a level of alienation which simply didn't have to be there.

The bottom line: the more the date and time of birth are tweaked for external reasons, the more likely that child won't optimally match the family, with all the attendant issues that could raise.