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10-02-2002, 14:27
Could anybody tell me what is the Vertex all about ???
Iīve been studying astrology for some time, but I still havenīt read anything about it , yet...

On one of these days I happened to be reading ma natal map when I faced it...
Well, I was kinda lost with it ...

11-02-2002, 03:19
Hi Ramses,

With the advent of personal computers and computerized astrology programs, there are many "extras" that can be placed in a chartwheel (to further confuse). In the days of BC (before computers) astrologers stuck with the ten planets because we had to calculate EVERYTHING by hand and "extras" took much more time.

Now, getting to your question about the Vertex...it's an "extra". Personally, I don't use it, some astrologers do. Basically, it's an auxillary descendant (as I ask, isn't one desendant enough?). Some think it's karmic, well, so are the nodes, the point of karma, as well as the King of Karma, Saturn (so why do we need more karma?).

You may want to pose your question on Noel Tyl's forum (www.noeltyl.com) where you will probably receive a better answer from someone who actually uses the vertex.


11-02-2002, 06:46
Hey AquerianGoddess,

thanks a lot for your answer...it was of great help to me...
Now I can really focus on more important things, and forget all about this vertex thing...