View Full Version : Just making a survey here....

02-04-2006, 03:41
...out of curiosity.

Are females more prone to be drawn to working with stones, because we are more intuitive with a higher sixth sense?

Like to hear some good debates from the opposite sex though.


02-04-2006, 03:44
Females aren't really more intuitive. Gender only comes into play when you look at gender roles and how our world thinks that each gender should act. You'll have a lot of people here tell you that.
I have never meet a girl who read/work with stones, I have met a few guys though.

02-04-2006, 03:51
Actually I know more guys that are crystal aware and working than girls.
I think its due to the more hands on approach of it. Plus men enjoy being magpies, liking shining pretty things lol .


03-04-2006, 11:29
I'll weigh in on the knowing more crystal-happy girls side. I'm one of them. :) So is my good friend..she's kind of a crystal shaman. And I know 8-10 other women who are as well. We all use them for healing ourselves and others. I use them for sound healing as well. I know ...let's see....on guy who's very into them, as a healer. Probably 2-3 others as well.

Do I think one gender is better at it or more in tune with them than the other? Nah. Besides, when you talk about gender roles and what not, neither sex is commonly encouraged to develop their intuitive (feminine) side. At least in the west, the intellect is prized over all, which hurts. But maybe the times they are a changing. I hope so. I can feel shifting around me anyway.

03-04-2006, 12:38
I will have to agree with what's already been said...there doesn't seem to be any real connection with gender in regards to those who react to stones.

But one thing I noticed that all my friends who love crystals and stones have a few things in common...

*A love of nature and all natural things...(and usually a big collection of various rocks, shells, acorns, feathers and leaves!)

*A sensitivity to objects in general...(like psycometrists) where they can perceive energy in all things.

Dancing Bear
03-04-2006, 20:52
Sorry not a guy. But I love Crystals and all sorts of gems and rocks, I am mainly a collector of nice things, Including feathers, shells, rocks and pretty shiny bits i find,
Very observant Chronata. :)

But my grandfather was an absolute avid collector of Crystals, He even went fossicing for his own once a month, As A kid I would go with him camp out for the weekend and dig and dig and dig. We found absolutely beautiful specimens, I use one i found for meditation still.
He never used them for healing others, but you could tell he absolutely loved to look at them, Hold them and find them. I would say they were very healing for him.

05-04-2006, 20:52
I don't think it is gender based if you use crystals or not.

I have met guys and women who are into crystals. I like crystals because I like to find out what they do, they are interesting to look at, to feel them, to include them into magick, they are one of the many gifts Earth has given to us.