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psychic sue
03-04-2006, 20:12
I just wondered - I have an important meeting on 7th April - something which may actually turn out to be something life-changing. The meeting is at 11.00 am.

Can anyone help me with my astrology for that day?

I was born 24.2.62 at 12 noon exactly in Birmingham UK.

04-04-2006, 02:07
you might want to give a little bit more information to get any help with this - then people can look at your transits for that day and say what they can


psychic sue
04-04-2006, 18:49
OK, thanks Starlover.

Psychic Sue

Born : 24th February 1962
12 noon exactly
Central Birmingham UK.

Sun Pisces 0524'06 10 direct
Moon Libra 2911'26 05 direct
Mercury Aquarius 0927'29 09 direct
Venus Pisces 1211'34 10 direct
Mars Aquarius 1734'52 09 direct
Jupiter Aquarius 2316'04 09 direct
Saturn Aquarius 0601'21 08 direct
Uranus Leo 2811'57 03/4 retrograde
Uranus is technically near the end of house 3 and is interpreted in house 4.
Neptune Scorpio 1327'35 05 retrograde
Pluto Virgo 0856'22 04 retrograde
True Node Leo 1754'34 03 retrograde

04-04-2006, 23:24
hi sue - no i meant more information about your situation-what this meeting is about - is it to do with work, family, love, etc cos with no information would be difficult to have a guess really

psychic sue
04-04-2006, 23:59
Oh sorry, it's work. A possibility of changing direction completely - possibly linked to the media and concerning my spiritual beliefs. I don't want to say anymore in case I jinx it!

05-04-2006, 00:42

well maybe some experienced astrologer will come on and give a bit of guidance...im a novice so take all with pinch of salt

but would just say uranus in your 10th house of career and calling is definitely rocking the boat and asking you to be true to yourself and go for what you need - the planet of changes sudden drastic ones sometimes but no need to be scared its good - this planet takes years though to go through any house and you may find your career goes from change to unrecognisable change over the years - just go with it

it only gets bad when you ignore any intuitions/signs and stay stuck cos this is a planet of liberation

only other thing i see is moon in the 2nd house of money and values on 7 april per se - that would be ok sign too i think that its right time to be dealing with that area of remuneration in work and its conjunct saturn which is plans for long term security

venus and mercury are also transiting your 10th house for a few weeks - venus smooths things out/helps tremendously/does favours and mercury is about negotations,communications, trade etc - looks good to me - all that 10th house activity means its the right time to make changes and go for things

your sun in pisces conjunct venus is conjunct chiron which is a classic indication of a loving healing element in you

sorry cant help more
but if i put money on it would say not to worry

transits over natal if anyone wants to help


psychic sue
05-04-2006, 17:57
OOh thanks Starlover! My gut instinct is to go with it. The way I actually got as far as a meeting was weird - it was like it was sent to me rather than me looking for it, if you know what I mean.

Thanks for your help. If I can return the favour with a reading, let me know.

Sue x

psychic sue
09-04-2006, 18:53
Well Starlover, it went really well. I've got to do a video diary for the BBC on my spiritual beliefs and also do a little piece for their webpage.

My first steps in working for spirit!

Thanks for your support.

Sue x

10-04-2006, 00:22
oooh best of luck sue
all those planets in the 10th house currently (public persona/recognition/career/calling) seem to have fitted
way to go ;) let us know when you're on the telly so we can watch x