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22-07-2002, 14:45
i've just gotten the experimental tarot deck, and I need a bit of help. Each of the cards has a pair of glyphs drawn from the 10 planets plus the ascendent, the mid-heaven and the moon's node.

for example:

on the devil card, the two glyphs are for the mid-heaven and for mars

on the 5th water card, the glyph are for the moon and pluto

1st question--

could someone give me a general meaning for each of these 13?

2nd question--

what does it mean when they are paired up like this?

3rd question--

how do you interprete the pairings?

i am used to planets in signs and houses, but not pairs of planets/aspects without specific relations-- eg. square, sextile...

dazed and confused

22-07-2002, 15:10
for some reason, your problem w/ this deck sounds similar to problems ppl have had w/ the symbolon and the astrology used w/ it. are the glyphs anything like the symbolon's?

i wish i could answer your question but i don't have a copy of the experimental deck to study. right now i just can't quite figure where you are coming from. i wish i could be of more help. :( perhaps in the am i can find a site w/ the cards and try to help you more.

are you asking for how to interpret astrological aspects like sun in capricorn conjunct the ascendant(rising sign)? are you asking what would mars at midheaven mean? that would be difficult for me to say w/o a sign to put there. a sign is like an adjective is to a noun. planets might be like nouns but the sign they are in is the adjective that describes how they are functioning in that specific place. there are some astrology books out there that tell you aspect by aspect what planet X in Y sign means. i don't understand what you mean by wanting a general meaning for all 13. when planets are side by side in the same sign that's called a conjunction. generally, conjunctions or trines are considered harmonius in their closeness to each other. a square or opposition is considered inharmonius energies. it's been a while since i studied astrology in depth so i can't remember specifically to what degree harmonius or inharmonius each aspect is whether trine or opposition. an opposition is 2 signs that are 180 degrees away from each other. a sextile is 60 degrees. i think a square is either a 45 or 90 degree angle.

i hope that helps some. the main thing is trying to pick up some astrology. i think that would make your life easier.

22-07-2002, 22:03
Originally posted by truthsayer
for some reason, your problem w/ this deck sounds similar to problems ppl have had w/ the symbolon and the astrology used w/ it. are the glyphs anything like the symbolon's?


yeah. i don't know if these are 'artificial' combinations of two.

if you take the group of the ten planets plus the concept (not the application) of the ascendent, the mid-heaven and the moon's node, you have thirteen different members.

you can make seventy-eight pairs from this set.

each one of these pairs is then associated to a card.

for example:

the fool is associated with the combination of uranus and neptune.

the four of fire (titled 'home') is associated with the combination of the sun and venus.

my guess is that this qualities of each member is 'blended' with the other to create an overall 'meaning'

so, what i am looking for is a keyword or short concept for each of the ten planets, the ascendent, the mid-heaven and the moon's node.

can anyone help with this??

still confused, but not so dazed

23-07-2002, 01:12
the combo of uranus/neptune makes me think of these key words. note tho each planet means more but to simplify:
together i would say changes that either clarify reality or create or continue illusions.
if you want to send me more of the combos i can try more. i don't know that much about the moon's nodes but i can give you a start.

23-07-2002, 06:02
I see what your looking for, sort of a tough concept without a sign or aspect. I wish that I could see the deck or know what cards and what gyphs. Inner planets Sn,Mn,Mc,Ve. are more about WHO a person is, the last 3 planets are sort of the evolving infuences. Mars is action, Jupiter is reward, Satrun is efficiency. But there are other words that come to mind, Mars could be aggression,
which is on the Devil card along with the midhaven, ?(i don't know about midhavens) What other card is mars on?
I have a book with a list of 2 planet principals,
Uranus/Neptune says this - sharp terrible nightmares that may seem more real than waking life; intuitive; very imaginative; chaotic personality; a very difficult life.- that's your fool?(eeh I can kinda see it, if I squint)I would think Mercury/uranus would be more appropriate.
Mars and midhaven: fiery, energetic, fighter,aggresive strategist, uses threats, often in disputes, may use physical violence.- THAT'S your Devil--mars rules aries a fire sign. Perhaps using the basic symbology, pos/neg. Earth, Air, Fire, Water, fixed, card. mut. etc you might be able to determine what 1 OR 2 words you would use for the combination.
I hope this helps...

23-07-2002, 08:04

if you could just give me a list of planetary keyword, i'd be very thankful. that way i could intuit along with the card's image.

less confused

23-07-2002, 08:09

what book are you getting these from? also:


will give you a page where you can view the cards. astro symbols on the lower left...

fluttering a bit

23-07-2002, 10:40
if you click on a card in the card oversection at the link you posted, the author gives you exactly what you want to know under each card as far as what the planet combos mean. the author gives the explanation in about 3 words for each card so that should get you in the right place for interpretation.