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08-04-2006, 14:00

I was wondering, what in a Natal chart would indicate possible psychic abilities? I've been trying to work out my own, but I'm so lost. lol

I've been having a go on astro.com but it didn't shed much light for me.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Many thanks

Michael :)

08-04-2006, 14:08
got any pisces?

pisces is very psychic...


p.s. do you have insomnia? seems rather late in the UK!

08-04-2006, 14:20
Nothing in Pisces

I'm probably on the wrong track here. I thought Neptune might mean something. I have the following:

Neptune in the Twelfth House
Neptune in Scorpio
Neptune Conjunct Ascendant

Any good? :)

And yeah, I'm a bit of an insomniac. Off to bed soon though, it's 5:20am lol

08-04-2006, 14:27
neptune in any of the water signs, conjunct with your ascendant

could give you perceptive ability

probably you are perceptive in sharp clear stabs! it's part of how you see the world and relate!


08-04-2006, 14:29
Thank you. :)

Maybe I should look into getting a chart drawn up or something and see what it says.

I think it would probably take a lot more than just a couple of planets etc. lol


08-04-2006, 14:33
there's a website called Widget's Astrology World
that has a bit more personalized reports than astro.com's free reports...

here's the link:


they have some stuff with sigils for degrees which are pretty interesting too


08-04-2006, 16:03
There are so many possibilities, so many variables.

If I may ask the question, why are you looking in your astrology chart for signs of "psychic" ability? And what exactly do you mean for yourself when you speak of "psychic" ability? This is quite important.

All of us have untapped skills and abilities and you must as well. You're here because you want to read tarot. That indicates some interest in divination which could develop with practice and other sorts of spiritual growth.

I know people who are quite taurean but who seem to have very well developed intuitive skills. Some people call good intuition "psychic" ability. We need to be clear about what we mean when we say "psychic".

So, through practice and learning find out what your skills actually are and then at the same time think about what you want.

I doubt very much that you will find any more indication in your astrology chart than you will through self-awareness and an openness to learning. :),

08-04-2006, 19:44
Hi Northwind

I was just curious. Something I'd read online somewhere that said that you can tell by looking at a chart if a person has strong psychic ability.

I do believe though that everyone has the ability, they just need to develop or fine tune it. :)

I have a very strong pull towards Spirit ad I'm probably just looking for answers to many questions :)

Thank you serendipity for the link too :)


11-04-2006, 20:35
waves HI!

Check out what sabian symbols you have for major planets
there is a link on the astrology weekly website that lists your personal sabian sybmols - there is one symbol for each degree of the astrological wheel
so not just a pisces moon, you get an image, maybe some of those will give you confidence with your talent.

Im sure most people have some amount of psychic talent it just depends on training, meditation and confidence


11-04-2006, 21:37
For many, there may be little difference between psychic ability and intuition during the phase where you start to question abilities and become aware that something may be happening within you. Let me give some personal examples.

I once worked with someone much older than I who had only eight neckties in his closet, apparently. He wore a tie and jacket, not because he like to or because he was trying to dress smart, but as a grudging accomodation to the job which required that he meet with customers from time to time. I became aware of an ability to "guess" ahead of time which tie he would be wearing when he arrived at the office. It was rare that my predictions were wrong. The whole office started betting on which tie he would wear, but that stopped after a time as my predictions were so accurate.

This ability developed over time -- I knew when he, and then others, would not arrive at the office for one reason or another. I would sense traffic problems and news stories on the TV ahead of time (TV wasn't as predictable or as boringly repeatable in those days).

My point is that these abilities, such as they are, can start small, then expand and spread to other daily experiences. A second point, to address your astrological question, is that "coincidences" in daily life are often associated with astrological conjunctions. Two conditions seem worthy of exploration:
1) Natal conjunctions point to some form of intuitive or psychic ability. The nature of the planets and the house they are in sometimes give subtle clues.
2) Transiting planets to natal planets that they have an aspectual relationship with often seem to bring up "coincidences". After awhile, we get to sense when and where these might occur.

These are powerful astrological signs and strongly impacting life-events. They trigger our awareness of things we have ignored. If you "launch" your own awareness from these powerful influences, you might just unleash various abilities within yourself. Self trust, confidence, expectation, curiousity -- these are all the right attitudes to support growing your psychic/intuititive abilties. These are my experiences and observations. Hope it helps. Dave

12-04-2006, 17:42
I have a Sun Neptune conj and the first subjective impact I ever had from it, was a strong (sometimes annoyingly so) empathic response to people and things. I also think Neptune is associated with spirituality, psychic ability, intuition and the creative arts; if my life has anything to say about it. I'm interesting in all these things. It may also depend on other aspects in your chart, and which way you feel is right to go.

20-04-2006, 06:36
Thank you all for your replies, but I feel I'm getting way out of my depth now. lol I have a very slight interest in astrology, i.e. have a lot of books on the subject and have drawn up a few birth charts but it is getting way above my head now. :D

I have a lot of admiration for those people who devote what seems to be a LOT of time to this subject, as it seems it would take up all of my spare time that I'd never be able to concentrate on anything else. :)

I used to think astrology was pretty easy, but I've seen the light now.

Michael :D

03-05-2006, 03:32
Any of the water signs in the chart will enhance psychic abilities. The moon in positive aspect to a water sign in Sun or Neptune. And surprisingly, very often Libra.

I consider myself intuitive but I'm a Taurus without any of these.

11-07-2006, 04:41

I'm a pisces...

Intuitive? to some extent... Is that considered psychic??


11-07-2006, 10:55
Interesting story, Dave, and I loved the "ties" bit. I believe that so much of both astrology and Tarot derive from patterning ability: the ability to observe meaningful "coincidences." Long before the Babylonians developed the birth chart, they had developed and integrated the idea that *every* deviation from the norm was potentially a message from the gods: hence divination. And being a message from the gods, these omens were potentially important. And that's the second trick, isn't it? First see the connection, and then pay attention to it!

12-07-2006, 01:24
Hmmm so a Cancer Moon would fit in nicely with a Scorpio Neptune :)

12-07-2006, 01:48
Michael, son. I think if you're psychic then sooner or later you will know, without having yer chart read !

Cassie Priam
13-07-2006, 10:52
Hello, I am new to this forum. My interest is karmic/spiritual astrology.
I hope to learn and contribute if I can.

There are a number indications in the natal chart of psychic/clairvoyant ability.

Look for any of the following: (orbs can be wide)

2H Neptune
Neptune aspects to Venus, Mercury, or the Moon.
Moon, Mercury, Venus in Pisces
Pluto contacts to the moon

Hope this helps you!