View Full Version : Valerian root.

14-04-2006, 08:48
Valerian root.
Has anyone tried it?

If so, what did you think?

I have trouble sleeping, so last night I had some.
I slept like the dead, but woke very early.
Then I bounced off all the wall and door frames on the way to the bathroom cos I couldnt walk in a straight line.
I felt out of it for hours.
But I don't know if that was the Valerian, or just me.

Also, has anyone tried it for pain?
Specifically back pain?

Red Emma
14-04-2006, 11:06
Sorry you had such a reaction. Valerian is usually very strong. I also suspect that different manufacturers have individual capsules/pills of varying strength. It's a good idea to follow the directions on the bottle about dosages, timing and that sort of thing.

Perhaps you'd like to try some of the more mild herbs for insomnia such as skull cap or chamomile. I think that some also have success with lemon balm. I know there are others, but my brain isn't working this afternoon.

As for pain, I used to have tension headaches so strong I was nauseous. Fever few knocked them right out and left me feeling pretty good. Many people say that you have to take fever few for a few days so that it builds up in your system. It worked immediately for me.

Good luck.

19-04-2006, 20:45
Hi Lillie,
Maybe the dosage of the Valerian root was too high for you. I remember when I made a stuffed Valerian root sock for my cats (they love the smell of it as much as they love catnip) and they had it all chewed through the whole flat was smelling of Valerian root and even me felt a bit dizzy, LOL.

Have you tried hops for better sleeping? Passiflore has also a calming and soothing effect as well as lavender.

As for back aching: I have used the dried "Teufelskralle" root (sorry, I don't know the English word for, it is a very unusual claw like looking root which is very good for aching backs and joints. You can either get it dried for making a tea (but be careful when you have a sensitive stomach!!) or dried in capsuls at your pharmacy/drugstore.

Hope you are feeling better.