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16-04-2006, 14:08
I was advised to set aside my tarot cards for awhile, and to just rely on my own intuition, or if I felt the need to get a crystal... so, I did... I got three. The first was a rose quartz, and it came set in copper, but I wanted to reset it to make it pretty and because I thought that would be a good way to get to "know" my stone.
After I took it out of the original setting, I let my dog see it, she sniffed it, and then picked it up into her mouth, and nosed it around. She never tried to swallow it, just treated it like a great treat, stopping and licking it, and then tossing it up. I stopped her from doing this after a couple moments.
In general I like to see her reaction to the little divination things I bring home. She likes to sleep with her head on a tarot deck if I leave it on my bed, etc.
I set the stone, and haven't let her play with it again since it is set in copper. Today, I bought two more stones, one because it was so clear, and one because I could feel the energy just shaking through my hand.
When I got home, I set all the stones out in front of my dog, and let her see them. She sniffed them all, and then went to the strongest of the three, which was a clear tumbled crystal.
I guess I'm wondering if anyone else' pet shows an interest in his or her crystals. What does this interest mean? should I keep the stones away from my dog? I've seen things online about healing pets with crystals. So I'm guessing it won't hurt her to play with the stones, but I want some extra input, and possibly pet stories.

16-04-2006, 20:45
I have a dog who is very emotionally sensitive to things around her, and I use rose quartz(usually) to help her. First i show her the stone and she usually sniffs, nudges or even licks it, that's when she tells me if she needs that particular type of crystal. If not I see if she wants a different stone. I'll stroke her with it and sometimes put it down and she'll lie on it till she's ok again.

I feel that as long as the animal is able to leave the range of the crystal's effects when it wants to then there is no reason to keep them separated, there's no reason to suggest animals don't benefit from crystals the same way we do. Animals are often more sensitive to energies like these as their lives aren't cluttered with all the stresses humans have, so they are closer to their intuitions etc. I would however be very careful when letting them play with crystals so they don't swallow them, get injured by them or damage the stones themselves.

If you are interested in learning more about crystals specifically for animals there is a book called crystal healing for animals by Scott and Mariani. It's a lovely book that covers various different healing methods for animal specific problems.

Hope this helps

16-04-2006, 23:17
My cats show a lot of interest in tarot decks, crystals etc. In fact I have to keep all these things in a separate room where the cats have no access because once they get their paws on these things I am pretty sure they will play with them.

Once my Toby slipped into that room and got locked in there. Half an hour later I heard a great noise, glass shattering and something heavy falling and when I went into that room, my altar table was knocked over, some statues broken, crystals and incense on the floor and a very bedraggled looking cat under the sofa *sigh*