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18-04-2006, 13:53
I am right on the cusp of Aries and Taurus. Really, I'm closer to Taurus if you go by hours. What is to be said about being right on the cusp?

I'm very much a novice at astrology, so forgive my ignorance...



18-04-2006, 16:49
I hope its Ok to post this link but Id go look at your sabian symbols
they give a harmony to the 12 star signs, by looking at all the planets
and their symbols - the sun mainly some times the say more to people
than just Aries and Taurus.. :)
think of it this way, you have a two part harmony with being a cusp - add the specific sabian symbol to make a 'trio' of harmony... it adds texture and flavour to a sometimes dry solar reading ;)



18-04-2006, 22:51
you can enter your birth details and find out which sun sign you are - you are either one or the other

down left hand menu - click on whats my sign