View Full Version : is astrology the same as life chart/life path ?

18-04-2006, 17:03
This question is for all the psychic astrologers in this forum, not just astrologers because I want an answer from both a psychic view and an astrological view.

I know Edgar Cayce, Sylvia Browne, Echo Bodine and many more famous psychics said that before everyone of us incarnate in this earth, we each chose a life chart or a life path. In this life path, we planned out our goals to accomplish, lessons to learn, karma, time, relationships, career, money, etc...

These famous psychics also said that astrology really does have an effect on us. The planetary movement at our birthtime does have a great influence on the rest of our life.

However, they did not explain whether the life path that they were talking about the same as an astrological natal chart ? This is what I am trying to find out, but have not been able to come up with an answer yet.

For example, a man named Tom Jones has a Sun Sign in Libra, Rising Sign in Leo, Moon Sign in Aquarius, Jupiter in Virgo. The houses, planetary influences , signs in his natal chart, do they represent the same information as the ones in life path like his lessons to learn in this life, his career, love, relationships, etc....

Let me use Princess Diana of England for an example, I knew she chose to die in a car crash before she incarnated in this earth. If you were to look at her natal chart when she was born, can you tell she would die in a car crash ?

or if you look at Michael Jackson's natal chart, can you tell that he was charged with 10 felony counts and got acquitted ? but he must plan in his life path to have this happened in his life

or if you look at President Clinton's natal chart when he was born, can you tell that he would face impeachment during his presidency, but did not get impeached ? He must plan this event in his life path.

18-04-2006, 21:33
You have to first define a "chart." Picking a point in "physical time" and a place to be born yields more than just a static chart. The typical birth chart is just a photo of that single moment -- important, yes, but not a complete thing in itself. The birth chart is the place along the path where you start. From that moment on you will have a great many things happening as we watch both actual time and symolic time move forward and interact with the patterns of that chart.

In other words, you are born with multiple charts if you want to look at a chart as a means of seeing how the unfolding life path brings things to you. Progressed charts, specialized transit charts, solar return charts, etc.

I would also suggest that we do not all use each/all of the symbolic meanings in our charts. We respond to some things, we seemingly ignore other things. We interact with others whose charts interact with ours in various ways. We learn and we choose from the choices presented to us as the broad themes of our lives unfold. Those choices again set off subsequent sensitivities to things in our charts that we did not respond to earlier in the same ways. As we think within our own heads and hearts, we grow and change in our own way, adding more complexities to the path of life or the charts (plural) that we ride upon.

So, yes, I believe that those "psychic" astrologers you refer to are right in many ways -- but just working with astrology and seeking to learn about life and people brings you to that conclusion. In some ways, every astrologer is a psychic due to the process of really learning astrology -- "learning" being defined as being far beyond simple natal astrology as we most commonly see it practiced. As for seeing Michael Jackson's court case, you can't see those details in the natal chart. You can see potentials there, but the details are elsewhere, in other charts.

And, one last comment. It takes a lot of time and effort to view life in this way. I, for one, prefer to live life and seldom run a chart for myself. I trust the universe and my own multi-dimensional being to move me safely, curiously and excitingly thru my many charts and life paths. I think, I visualize, I create, I allow interesing events to happen -- seemingly on their own. This is what miracles are, after all -- the process of making a time/place/reason for them to happen, and then just getting out of the way for them.

So, this is about the shortest answer I can make to your questions. Astrology is as complex as life, it is life, but its not everything in life. Dave