View Full Version : recommend good astrology books, please

18-04-2006, 17:11
I know there are many astrology books out there in the market. I am looking for a few good ones. It's hard for me to tell from the reviewers which one is good for me, which one is not. I am not going to spend money to buy one, and may end up dont like it.

Since I cant practice astrology myself. I did try to learn and practice, but it's hard. I am not dreaming to be a professional astrology either. I am just looking for a few good books to know anything about astrology.

Anyone knows any good books to recommend ?


September Pixie
18-04-2006, 17:12
Books are recommended here: http://www.tarotforum.net/showthread.php?t=15205

I really loved the Burk Astrology book.

18-04-2006, 19:31
I decided to get "Astrology for dummies" for me as it was translated into German and as I am not so familiar with the English astrological vocabulary my choice was limited this time to a book translated into German.

03-05-2006, 03:36
Any books by Grant Lewi. I really like "Heaven knows what" but am not sure if its still around as my copy is quite old. I see alot of quotes on various sites taken from his books.