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23-04-2006, 04:35
But this time, I want a cut ruby, not rough or just polished. I'm designing a pendant for myself & I have decided I want a ruby in the middle of it. I never worked with ruby when I used to use crystals, I was just wondering if anyone here could tell me of their experiences with this stone ? This is assuming I can find one that I can afford !

by "just polished" I mean a cabachon xxx

24-04-2006, 19:42
I bought a round "Star ruby" some years ago because someone told me that this
is a stone dedicated to the Goddess Kali. However, I did not feel a special reaction from this stone :(

psychic sue
24-04-2006, 21:08
Have a look on Gemstv.com. They are also a tv channel.

I have bought loads from there and they are very cheap - no catches, the jewellery is well made and they use high quality gems - the reason they are so cheap is because they are the manufacturer - it's like buying direct from trade.

They have some beautiful rubies - I am saving up for one myself!

Sue x

psychic sue
25-04-2006, 18:43
OOh they had some BEAUTIFUL ones on TV last night (channel 755 if you are on Telewest). I had a look for you and the rubies work out at about 100 a carat which is a crazy price! You have to buy a chain separately - but the chains are a ridiculous price too - about 8 for a 20 inch 9 carat chain.

Sue x

25-04-2006, 19:06
Does anyone know what the difference is between a ruby & a royal ruby ? Is it just a higher quality gem ? xx

25-04-2006, 19:08
Hey Psychic Sue!!

I'm on telewest but I had no idea gemstv existed, I saw your posts and off I went to the tv and lo and behold there it was!!! I'm so pleased!!!


psychic sue
25-04-2006, 19:11
Great isn't it!

A royal ruby is better quality and also usually over 2 carats. Have a look on the Gemstv website - it's all explained there.

Sue x

psychic sue
29-04-2006, 19:26
I went into Birmingham City Centre yesterday and had a look at the stones in Samuels. There weren't many, and only 2 rubies. Both were tiny and over 200.00. Gems really is good value.

Sue x

30-04-2006, 00:38
I've ordered a star ruby from a swiss dealer, should be here in a couple of weeks. I have to find someone who can make the pendant I want it setting in. I love rubies ! I hope it doesn't clash with the bright red bit at the front of my hair !