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27-04-2006, 19:40
I'd like to put some crystals in my wealth corner (citrine most likely), and I thought of this question and nowhere I've looked have I found an answer. My question is: can you use the upstairs of a house when putting things in the corners? Or does it have to be downstairs? The thing is downstairs the wealth corner is where the cats' litter tray is (and there really isn't anywhere else for it to go), I can't help thinking that's not the nicest place to put crystals, although if it has to be downstairs they could go on the windowsill but I thought upstairs might be nicer. As I said, nowhere does it say whether the corners can be upstairs or downstairs.

Thanks in advance,

27-04-2006, 20:50
Merry Meet, Silvercloudedwolf,
Have you ever thought about hanging something in the wealth corner? I have a Chinese coin string hanging in my wealth corner. Not all Feng shui rules are applicable to Western living so sometimes a bit modification is needed.

28-04-2006, 14:53
Hello Siver Clouded Wolf,

What really matters is the energy and the thoughts you put into it. I would say wherever you feel more confortable. I have a bathroom in my wealth corner and I put a nice crystal by the window where it can reflect the sun light. Every time I look at my crystal, I know why it is there. I also have a glass vase filled with water and 9 quarters inside right by my bed (because my bedroom is in my wealth area as well). My cat's litter box in in my "friends" or "persons of assistance" corner (laundry room). I still have to work on that....

Anyway, hope it helps,


28-04-2006, 21:58
which part of the house is the wealth corner???and what crystals do you put there and what exactly are the benefits???

just curious....

28-04-2006, 23:12
Hi aria, here is a link with some basic information: http://www.webterrace.com/fengshui/fengrules.htm

Briar Rose
29-04-2006, 00:13
There is an excellent feng shui web site, The World of Feng Shui or WOFS.com It will explain the wealth corners in your house, and what exactly to put there. Also, you can write down what you need and buy off E-bay to save money. And then what is wealth to you? Remember that wealth isn't always money so if you are going to write down anything make sure your words are clear. Money is money and abundance means more of anything!

Remember you are cleansing your crystals all the time. What crystal represents wealth to you? To me watermelon tourmeline represents wealth and I keep a piece in my wealth tray, along with 7 amethyst stones for intuition of knowing how to act on money opportunities when they come my way.

Also, if you are going to set up a wealth corner in your house, what is outside near that wealth corner? A dead tree or bush, weeds? You have to clean it up too, and if you can't remove the dead tree stump you can turn it into a planter to make it uselful, not wasted.

Meditate and *feel* . Don't read and take someone elses words. Especially mine. I know nothing. I know what works for me. All the knowledge you are seeking is in your inherit wisdom. Tap it.

I am adding a personal comment:

Feng Shui has become so westernized. Feng Shui isn't something a person *sets up* and hopes something happens. Feng Shui, along with praticing mindfulness, and meditation is an every minute of the day exercise. Embrace it loveingly and wholeheartedly. Every day.

Bells are a great way to move the energy around the house. You can buy a string of medium sized bells and take them apart. Find the bell tone that appeals to you for the area you want to work with. Also, listening to different sounds the bells make when you ring them in cetain areas to help move stagnet energy or displaced energy or stressed energy. Also clapping your hands to move energy works. Be sure to sage or burn incense when you do this.

Briar Rose
29-04-2006, 00:17
hey, I just read the above comments. Keep intouch with these people. These are good people. Looks like you have found a great place to start.

29-04-2006, 00:18
wow all this is so interesting...thanks a ton to both of you for sharing this...i never knew about all this...thanks

29-04-2006, 00:43
Yes, bells are great and in case you don't like the looks of a Chinese bell set, you can get some lovely wind chimes, or in case you'll live soemwhere near the sea and find shells there, you can add them on a string, they also make a nice sound and get energy moving.

29-04-2006, 02:58
Indoor pets make great energy movers too. My husband and I are both Thunders (wood) and it just so happens we have cats (also associated with wood). The 3 of them keep the whole house happily energized. :)

valeria :)

29-04-2006, 18:05
i have a chinese set of bells which have been put up above the doow of the lobby after which the rest of house begins...i hope you are getting what i am saying...after the main door is a lobby with a little seating arraingement and a door leads to the passage thru the rest of the house!!!

is it the right place to hang and what are they for??we've put them up cos we like the look of those bell...they dont make much sound though...

30-04-2006, 03:20
Bells shoo away negative energy.