View Full Version : Astrology software for neophytes?

03-05-2006, 05:18
Any suggestions? Comments?

Thanks! :D

03-05-2006, 08:15
I also would appreciate a software recommendation. I tried some of the freeware applications but had no idea what do with them. I'd like something that has a tutorial and leads me through the creation and reading of a chart.


14-03-2007, 03:36
There must be someone out there in the group who is using some kind of software application for chart generation. Perhaps you could let us know which one you use, or which one you'd like to have?
Solar Fire?

14-03-2007, 03:45
I've used Astrolog with some success. I also use another one, but I forget the name and it's on my laptop at home.

Try this: http://www.astrolog.org/astrolog.htm


14-03-2007, 03:54
Thank you!

Astrolog is, happily, freeware. It even has a Mac version, which is what I'm looking for. However it only runs on 9.1, which is more or less extinct now.

Both Kepler and Solar Fire seem to only run on PCs...


14-03-2007, 07:40
Matrix software has a series of low-cost programs that calculate charts and print out a multi-page report. These four reports are each $25 US and are called: Know yourself, Know your child, Know your partner/lover (?), and Know your future -- I believe. Dave

14-03-2007, 08:41
WOW (http://www.world-of-wisdom.com/) has a software program that is easy to use and designed to tutor you through the process of interpreting a chart. You can download a trial version from their website too. I used it for the period of the trial version, and then got Solaar Fire. I work with a few professional astrologers, and they told Solar Fire was the best program available in terms of features. We run them on a Mac using Parallels (http://www.parallels.com/).

They also have a Mac program, they used before it was possible to get SolarFire onto the Macs. But the name is currently elusive.... I'll check next time I'm in and post it for you rota.

14-03-2007, 11:18
I use Kepler, I found it to be the most accurate that I've tried. It's pricy but it has everything you could possibly need, it's a great program to grow into.

14-03-2007, 11:32
I use Halloran's AstroDelux. It is very bug-proof, has a great deal of features and is quite cost-effective. The good news is that there is a free version of it that can run on Windows which you can download and use. If you like it you can either move up to the full version (purchase) or continue to use the download version at no cost.


14-03-2007, 16:47
Ok, now that I'm home...I see that I also have AstroWin. There are other freeware, along with AstroWin and Astolog.

Here's a link: http://www.astrowin.org/astro_sw.htm

Or this: http://www.horary.com/cwiggers/astrowin.html


21-03-2007, 00:51
Thank you, all, for your insights and recommendations!