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11-02-2002, 17:46
just thought i would post this for you all.

llewellyn's books has a new release, this month, of the book.......

"the art of predicitive astrology"
forecasting your ife events
by carol rushman
isbn 0-7387-0164-5 $14.95 us $22.95 can.

carol has been a professional astrologer for 30 years. she surrently teaches astrology and mediation and has her own radio show.

288 pages. 6 x 9

in light,

11-02-2002, 23:01
Hi Jade,

Do you know which method of prediction is covered in this book?


12-02-2002, 02:03
Well, I really appreciate this kind of posts. :p
Especially on account of the fact I'm never going to get in touch with these books, Llewellyn and the like. :p
My only chance to have something from Llewellyn is to win the draw on Aeclectic! :D
All the same... ENJOY YOUR READING!!! :)

12-02-2002, 12:51

sorry, it doesn't say :( but i found this book too..........

Predicting Events with Astology
by Celeste Teal
ISBN 1-56718-704-8
228 pages 71/2 x 91/8
$14.95 us $22.95 can.

(it doesn't say what form for this one either :( )

in light,