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11-05-2006, 16:24
I spent a week tracking down a red ruby star online for a pendant I am having made. I finally found one, exactly what I needed. The picture was a red ruby star with clear rays on the star, the details were that it was clean, a defined star, unblemished & RED. They have sent me a stone that is very blemished & very PURPLE ! I can't even see a star.

For those of you that know your crystals, ruby is the red form of corundrum. If it's purple corundrum then it's a purple sapphire. I was so excited when I opened the package & I'm so fed-up now. I have emailed the company to return it for exchange so I will have to keep my fingers crossed. The return details on the website say that they charge a 10 % restocking fee & I will have to pay shipping both ways for Switzerland !

Have any of you had dealings with this company, swissgemshop?

So sorry but I thought having a rant would calm me down !!

aaaaarrrrrgggghhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!

No, I'm still mad as hell. x

11-05-2006, 16:42

I can imagine your disappointment! I hope they reply and you sort this out - even better, that the mistake is seen as theirs, and you dont have to pay the extra shipping fees, and you get the star pendant you wanted!!

The only positive slant I can add to this is that what was sent was needed not so much wanted, and that the little gem star you have now can help you in some way - even if its for communicating with them or getting this settled in the best possible way. If its come to you and doesnt leave - it was meant - but I know that doesnt mean to give up trying to get what you wanted.
This probably isn't appeasing you - Im sorry - but I tried :D

Hope everything works out.
Keep us posted

Many Blessings
Elven x

11-05-2006, 18:23
Elven, why do you have to be so wise ? !

The red ruby I want is for a pendant of my own design, to bring passion & vigour into my life.

A purple sapphire is to help you on your spiritual path, so yes, I think it has come to me for a reason !

And yes, you HAVE helped me xxxxx

11-05-2006, 19:36
@redflash: I hope you are feeling better now :)

No, I have never heard of this shop before but as I said in a previous post I do not order gemstones online. I want to see what I get and want to feel them before buying them.