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17-05-2006, 06:01
dear members

I have researched and read Judy Halls book Crystal bible

but still i have a question

I want to buy a blue sapphire ring and i googled it and it said it was ruled by saturn and it can bring bad luck to a person or good luck

Judy hall doesnt state that blue sapphire is bad or good

So could somebody give me some input
blue sapphire wears?

17-05-2006, 06:24
"(Sapphire) calms the mind and releases unwanted thoughts and mental tension, *bringing in peace of mind and serenity.* Sapphire aligns the physical, mental, and spiritual planes and restores balance within the body. This stone releases depression and spiritual confusion... is a seeker of spiritual truth... associated with love and purity... Used in shamanistic ceremonies to transmute negative energies... **facilitates telling the truth**"

Judy Hall,
The Crystal Bible

Jas... You need to put the stones down and study how to use them before you dabble further.

17-05-2006, 07:59

As you seem to have Judy hall's book, just use that rather than searching for possibly dubious information Googled on the internet. There are reputable sites, but earlier threads gave you the names of the most authoritative books on this complex field. Suggest, especially as you are new to the field of crystal properties, that you stick with the one source which I gather from your post that you have. This is not the stage to be looking for multiple information sources.

Thank you,
Moderator, Crystals and Herbs

17-05-2006, 08:56
Jas, please slow down with the crystals. When I started learning about them last year I was buying every crystal I could get my hands on & trying to do things that I wasn't ready to do. I ended up going straight into working with crystals that were far too powerful for a novice & I had some frightening experiences which have ensured that I will probably never work with crystals again. I wish I had slowed down & started off with something gentler instead of going through what I did. Please, please, just take it easy with them, there is no rush. xxxxx

Briar Rose
30-05-2006, 12:38
Oh my oh my

Anyone that can afford sapphires is VERY VERY lucky indeed.

30-05-2006, 13:27
There are many myths surrounding stones, such as wearing an Opal will bring you bad luck unless your name is Opal or it is your birthstone. Almost all of these are tracable to Victorian novels and are pure crap. Wearing a certain stone cannot harm you.

However, drinking one can! Many books discuss placing stones in water and making 'gem elixers' to drink for various health purposes. Some stones naturally contain Aresenic or other toxins, so I would never drink any gem elixer.

30-05-2006, 14:08
I wear a double Blue Saphire ring most of the time. This ring has a history behind it, and has come through the hands of owners who (IMHO) have had little integrity. There have been instances where I could not wear it, and there have been others when I couldn't take it off. Of all the jewelry which has come and gone - this ring remains 'loyal', and I dont feel it will 'leave' me - become lost or be taken. It is now like a signature ring - even though the styling is outdated - I know it will eventually come back - I wear it as if its part of me.

I am a Capricorn Sun Sign, so when this ring was given to me as a replacement for money which could not be paid back - I was livid! But, it has become my main (and sometimes) only piece of jewelry - depends how I feel about it. There are times where I just have to take it off! It annoys me and I cant concentrate - but I eventually slip it back on once this feeling has passed. Its not into anger - or agression. The ring finger (in whatever way it happenss) shrinks, so the ring swivels around my hand - being high set - it gets caught under my hand. Once I am ready to put it back on - the ring fits perfectly.

I wear it when I read Tarot - I look into the stones sometimes as I mull over the reading. Sometimes the gems are so spectacular, I admire them as if they are something new - the colors are so 'beautiful' - I am mezmerized. This is when there is a great calm in my heart, it brings about feelings of being grateful for what I have, and feelings of being grounded and in tune with the planet and the universe.

The only bad luck this ring has encountered are the people who owned it previously, they never wore it.

The experiences I have had wearing this ring are not to do with the ring - but myself.

Elven x

30-05-2006, 18:05
Yes, Jas, start slowly. The Hall book is good for beginners and even advanced crystal students find it usefull.

Sapphire bringing bad luck??? I have never heard that before, only related to Opal and Perls and that is - as TB started before - Victorian superstition.

30-05-2006, 21:36
I wear a beautiful Australian blue sapphire ring. It is a very similar setting to Princess Diana's engagement ring. Hers was bigger but I had mine a few years before that. It always makes me feel good and proud to have it. I believe it is part of the Corundum family. Rubies share the same label as well as topaz and possibly other examples. It is not my birthstone. I also have an opal and this is not my birthstone either.
For some reason I always take all my jewellry off at night and choose what I wear each day. I do not see why there is anything wrong with being attracted to a sapphire ring. If it is calling to you, buy it and be happy. When I shop for specimens I always seem to end up with amethysts so I suppose that stone is the one for me. I do have a couple of those rings but do not wear them. Why, I do not know but certainly love to look at the specimens.
Be free to do and buy whatever you like in life that is the secret. Do not be limited by anyone else ever !

18-06-2006, 16:35
In India, blue sapphire is recommended for people who have an afflicted Saturn in their charts by vedic astrologers. It is considered to be a controversial gemstone - as in if it suits you, then it takes you to great heights in terms of power and success and if its not for you, then it makes life a bit of a struggle.

Dont fear such knowledge, clearly the very fact that you were intuitively drawn to it, reveals that at a certain level it may be for you.

18-06-2006, 17:26
I want to buy a blue sapphire ring and i googled it and it said it was ruled by saturn and it can bring bad luck to a person or good luck

Hi Jascrystal. From the above I read that you want to buy a ring, not do any specific work with the crystal, so yeah, if that's what you want, go for it. On this level I wouldn't suggest that you put crystals down or back off or anything. If you are using the stone in the ring for other purposes some of the warnings might be relevent. Heck! All sorts of people wear all sorts of stones all the time.

It seems the idea of a bad thing related to the stone is due to it's attribution to Saturn (for some) and I'd have to say that Saturn is one of the most mis-understood planetary forces. So many people see it as a negative, or a restriction or an iron ball chained to your leg.

Utter tosh I say! Saturn can be freedom and liberation, the gateway to the stars and knowledge that evolves to understanding (but not yet wisdom)

Hermetically, it's star sapphire that relates to Saturn. Sapphire relates to Jupiter.

19-06-2006, 03:27
Most Fear based warnings about whatever stones and systems are unfounded
I had not heard one about Sapphire except for the Vedic one on compatability related to astrological configurations . I had written the article below in responce to simular issues be raised on a list I moderate

Mad, Bad and Dangerous to know, On Contra indications and "bad " crystals

When You are making an effort to follow, practice, study a particular system of crystal healing then it does behoove you to respect and attend to the guidances of that particular system. There are many different systems some have lots of recommendations and contraindications for particular stones.

If you do feel strongly guided one way or another in your work then do follow your intuition, even when it seems to conflict with a given tradition. There is no set of guidelines (including my own ) that are absolute and inviolable. All limits are artificial,transient, mutable and/or transcend able under some circumstances.

The universe also changes so that it is quite possible for advice which was sound at one time to be invalid in the present or become
invalid in the future. When you are planning on adhering to astrological guidelines in your work it is valuable to have a complete astrology
chart made up because the different aspects of the chart will often change what crystals are suitable in a given situation or for a
particular person.

I must say that in the long run /big picture I never have found one stone or another to be bad /wrong for a particular person permanently. It may not be one that has a mission with them at the time. The person may not want to deal with an issue , or may not be ready for an energy. There have been times when there have been stones I just did not like or like to work with personally. Often years would pass and suddenly that would become the one stone or crystal that I was most drawn too and that had the most positive effect for me .

Even what may seem to be fixed qualities such as astrological influences can be changed . When dealing with the crystals as beings with the Deva or as spirits and or as part of a reality where everything is a conscious entity communicating with the crystal connecting in meditation etc will let you become aware of whether or not you have a project / mission / playtime with a particular stone atthe time. Should there be some reason why you must be with a stone that has no mission with you the stone will simply rest.

A lot of times when we are not ready to do certain work. Those stones which assist in that particular work we will feel uncomfortable around them. Also when we are ignoring work we need to do sometimes the universe will slap us around a bit to get our attention. Do not blame the crystals. No stone or crystal or black cat will cause you harm or make bad things happen to you.

Yes sometimes it is inappropriate for a person to work with particular stones but this does not automatically mean that it will never be appropriate. Nor does it mean that the stone is inappropriate for everyone or even for every one under the same conditions.

Peggy Jentoft

19-06-2006, 15:26
I love Judy Halls crystal bible book

I have a blue saphire - I am blessed, my parents gave it to me for my 18th birthday present (MANY years ago)
Personally I believe its a super special stone, I have times I NEED it then it goes in the jewellry box - sometimes for quite some time.. its main help for me is protection it helps dissolve cords that others have attached to me OR that I have allowed them to attach to me, I find also it helps me tap into ancestral - DNA - collective memory information that is IN ME but I forget its me!

(also Im not into labeling - bad luck - when it comes to nature)


19-06-2006, 17:57
I've been wearing a sapphire ring everyday since 1969, also have acquired earrings and a necklet to go with it.