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25-05-2006, 12:20




Above are some links I found when googling elixirs.
I have been working with my crystals a lot recently and have wanted to make crystal elixirs for a long time. Today it is sunny and I am at home so I thought:

Why not??

I consulted my pendulum for the best way to take the elixirs.

The Red Jasper was a "yes" to being in essence form.
And my new and delicious White Spirit Quartz cluster was a "yes" to be used in spritzer form. Actually, this is the one I am most excited about as I think it will make a great purifier, instead of White Sage. I love the sage, but for some it is a little overpowering. And I, personally, would not like to use it every day.

I am also interested in any "devas" that are present in the Spirit Quartz. As it seems to belong to quite a high vibration ethereal realm.

Crystal Devas have also interested me a lot recently, but I find it hard to get information on them. I do understand that crystals are great used intuitively and that is the best way to contact the Deva. But my thinking was a pendulum could be useful too. No harm in trying!!

I am interested in those who have made and/or used crystal elixirs thoughts and stories. Some people think they should not be ingested, but I think that spritzers and essences seem a more harmless way to use the elixir.

As for Crystal Devas, how fascinating, if that is something you resonate with. Or you could think I am completely whacko (I am used to that ;) ).

Any stories on meeting and working with any Devas in your crystals?

I would LOVE if you could share, please :)

18-06-2006, 15:59
Pamela Louise Chase and Jonathon Pawlik have written extensively on Crystal Devals and elixirs in their books "Healing with Crystals" and Healing with Gemstones.

Good Luck:)


18-06-2006, 17:05
I've never used crystal elixirs of any kind but I find the idea a good one, it makes sense. I'm considering trying it, so you will have to let us know how you get on.

19-06-2006, 04:21
I was skeptical , even a bit hostile to the whole concept of Crystal Healing until I walked into a rock shop one day in 1991 and was essentialy "mugged" by Crystal Deva So I'm not going to laugh at you. It was only after that experience in which the Deva Dumped or opened or attuned me or whatever with a whole bunch of energy and info and warm friendly attention that I began to study Crystal healing working backwards. I did eventualy assemble some of what I got from The Crystal Deva into an energy work system which I won't go into here.

Here is an excerpt of my page about the Deva from http://pjentoft.com/f-33-DEVA.html

One Definition or explanation of Deva is as protective forces of the universe, as builders of the movement of life energy from Spirit and energy into Form and Physical and of the return or pulsing of the form into spirit.
You may find the term Angel and Deva to be used somewhat interchangeably.
Others interpret Angels as being non Physical beings who oversee the evolution and communication of Humankind and their relationship with the Divine or Unified Essence (God/dess) and Deva as being non Physical beings which oversee the evolution and communication of all other entities (including crystals as well as plants ,animals , Elements, weather systems etc.) with the Divine and with humankind and all other beings. When you accept everything as being facets of One Entirety of consciousness, the distinction between Angel and Deva may be somewhat arbitrary.

Crystal Deva are Nature spirits of the order of all that is or can manifest as crystal ,stone or mineral. The overseers of the aspect of the cosmic plan/order as it relates to crystals etc..
Crystal Deva are the consciousness of the crystals, the spirits , the minds and souls of the stones .They are individual spiritual, mental, and emotional aspects of each crystal or stone. They are the collective mind of each kind of stone. Crystal Deva are the over lighting essence and unified consciousness of all crystals and stones and all that pertains or relates to stones . Crystal Deva are/is a manifestation of the undifferentiated creative source law, rhythm, power, of the universe . They are aware, conscious, energy of the crystals manifesting in a way that enables us to better communicate or understand or at least conceive of what it is they are and how to work with them and the physical form of the rocks crystals and minerals. Crystal deva, crystals and stone are also associated with the planet Saturn and Saturn energies. The Saturn Angel, Deva or Logos is considered by many to also be the overlighting intelligence as related to Stones.

I do work with Elixirs and usually use a nondirect method and /or A crystal Elixir Shakti from the Deva rather than an immersion method. I have a page about elixirs and gem waters at http://pjentoft.com/f-28-gemelixir.html

19-06-2006, 15:19
Judy Halls book the crystal bible (I just got the book - love it) talks about these things too, simply.

I think of course they work, elixers should be made with safety in mind - only add crystals to water that wont 'react' with the water, there are a few methods of course to make elixers. I think on some levels we just need to KNOW which crystal we need to work with, I know people who do homeopathy by writing say Sulphur or Gold on paper and place a glass of water over this paper leave it overnight with the belief the water remembers - some sort of intention exchange happens and the water provides - in the ammount you need. I have tried it - and I felt it worked for me, so even having a picture of a crystal could work IMHO.

Blessings and thanks to the Deva energy in crystals, really I agree they are really there, sometimes walking through a crystal shop I hear them singing together - or at someone 'take me home' PLEASE!!