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diane drizzy
26-05-2006, 11:05
Well my crystal and gemstone collection is moving right along (with thanks to you all!) and I love reading about them.
At times I'm just awed by how beautiful some of these stones are!
A small silly question though-are there stones that should not be mixed?
Are there properties to some stones that compete with others?
Again thank you all for this magical experience, it's something I would not have discovered on my own.

26-05-2006, 13:18
If you start hearing pops or snaps or see shooting sparks I would say your stones aren't getting along well...

Stones are inert; I don't think they can react to each other.

Now - if they were statuary from different religious persuasions I could see them not wanting to be in a cabinet with 'other' religions' sacred objects...

26-05-2006, 18:33
I avoid putting pointed crystals with any other in a bag - the points can break. It happened to a rock crystal wand of mine :(. I wrap my points (single and double points) individually now.

26-05-2006, 19:11
When they are being stored and not used then I don't think there should be any problems, just use your intuition and if there's any doubt then keep them separate. Although I do keep my tumblestones and rough ones separate so as to avoid scratches on the tumblestones, and the rough ones I keep not touching each other for the same reason.

When you are using them I would think it would be different as, to my mind anyway, using two crystals at the same time, one that is energizing and another that is calming would end up cancelling each other out, unless you were very careful with the programming of both.

Hope this helps,

27-05-2006, 23:42
I think when you have 'charged ' them its usually for just one reason, so they should be in harmony. If I have two or more Spells on the the go at any one time I keep the different workings in seperate rooms anyway, say for instance a Healing and a Binding, then you might get conflict.