View Full Version : Silk bags for crystals - preserving the rainforest

26-05-2006, 17:29
I hope I'm not doing anything forbidden here (apologies if I am) but I've just come across this site (https://shop.therainforestsite.com/store/item.do?siteId=221&itemId=26561&origin=69274) which is offering Nepalese silk drawstring bags. I have a couple which I got elsewhere and they're perfect for keeping crystals or tiny tarot or oracle decks in. And it's all in a good cause - for each set of 5 that's bought, money will be donated to preserve 1145 sq. ft. of rainforest.

PS You have to scroll down - the info's at the bottom!

26-05-2006, 19:33
There is some lovely stuff on there. Wonder if anyone on here has used this site before ?

26-05-2006, 20:25
It looks good - and I'm always happy to support ethical businesses. I've bookmarked it - thanks Netzach.

26-05-2006, 21:24
Thanks Netzach, have also bookmarked the site for later review. I like the idea of the women using the scraps in this way to give them a little extra (hope it's true :( but if so, that's excellent).

26-05-2006, 21:51
Thanks for sharing this site with us. Whenever I do shopping I try to get environment friendly products or such ones from Fair trade and items in which no child labour is envolved.

27-05-2006, 23:37
Think its brilliant, thankyou for sharing.

04-11-2006, 03:36
I've used this and their sister sites...no problems whatsoever.

04-11-2006, 04:05
Their Cellphone bags look perfect for a mini-deck.

They have some really lovely stuff on this site! Things I would actually use... too often the handcrafted stuff isn't all that useful. Thanks for this!

04-11-2006, 08:34
Oh wow, thank you - with the traditional gift giving (and receiving) season nearly upon us this looks like a win win site

thank you