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03-06-2006, 17:57
Hi all,

I have been using some enhanced (mainly in colour and dyes) and man made crystals (goldstone and aqua aura) and wondered what is your favourite human made OR enhanced crystal and does it work for you?


03-06-2006, 18:05
I haven't used any regrown crystals, I've never been totally convinced of them. But they were natural once so I suppose they must still have their vibrations & metaphysical uses. I love aqua aura & ruby aura so I may end up with some just to display !

03-06-2006, 18:36
Thanks Redflash, I do like 'fake' rubies I have to say, I get a lighter energy from human made crystals - more for light issues..

I have found some crystals to work well Blue Howlite works really well for me, very similar to turquoise but it does loose its power faster.. or I could be using it in the wrong way - just thought that hmm

I was even thinking of creating my own 'blends' of crystals, grind up some of different crystals - chips or something and I suppose glue them together.. just to see if I gained something from them - Ill call it Alchemy preschool!


03-06-2006, 19:39
I've got blue howlite, goldstone and blue goldstone. I can use the blue howlite and blue goldstone but the goldstone is for decorative purposes as I can't seem to connect with it.

I also want some aqua aura as I'm drawn to it every time I see it, and some opal aura, I've only seen it once but I really liked it.


04-06-2006, 11:27
Thanks SilverCloudedWolf,

I had to look up opal aura, I have not seen it before - and WOW!
taken from the website - http://www.exquisitecrystals.com/Opalaura.shtml
'Opal Aura (opalescent) quartz crystals are clear/cloudy quartz crystals which have been enhanced with pure platinum; the molecules of the platinum, adhere to the natural electric charge which surrounds the quartz crystal, and are not removed by rubbing or scraping.... these crystals combine both the properties of quartz and platinum to produce a very intense energy.........'

WOW - thats like a double white whammy thanks for sharing that crystal with me... yes I think that might be a must add to my collection - one day too..

Just an aside on the gold stone - maybe it connects with you in a visual way - providing a small amount of happiness in that visual connection?


Briar Rose
04-06-2006, 12:01
Be VERY careful using enhanced crystals. Make sure you know what exactly how they have been enhanced.

Aquamarine, about 95% of it is now irrated, which means it has been treated with radiation.

And blue howlite? Now why wouldn't you just use the natural howlite? I don't get it?

Remember that if you are serious about *absorbing* anything from a crystal think about how it has been treated. Chemically? Defeats the purpose, don't you think so?

Synthetic is just that~ fake. Now that doesn't sound like healing does it?

04-06-2006, 15:42
I have a beautiful small cluster of opal aura crystal; it is lovely and packs a pretty powerful 'zing' of beautiful energy.

04-06-2006, 19:31
Thank you for your responses,

midnightmerry thank you for your thoughts on opal aura crystal that really sounds like how it looks ZING!

HeavensVault thanks for your point of view, absolutely if they don't resonate with you why use them, cystals are very user specific I agree - I personally dont like blanked banning 'everything' and I appreciate the warnings. A part of the reason I started the thread was to see how many here used the 'new age' crystals and how they worked for individuals. AND to see how does NOT and why.

AS an aside does anyone resonate differently with say a natural quartz crystal and then quartz that has been made into a ball - and how is this enhanced - or not? I know for me the two work differently and I feel the quartz ball is human enhanced..

PS - Siberian quartz that was the first crystal that I was really drawn to that I knew had to be human made - but wow, sharp deep and clear - for me anyway...

04-06-2006, 22:26
MCsea, I have a several balls made 'up' and I do actually find they are effective, but their basic character hasn't been 'contrived' (for want of a better word). But oddly I did buy them for their ornamental appearance, but find some magickal strength there too, which was a very pleasant surprise.

On the topic of things being adulterated and bombarded with rays of some sort or other, all our food is being irradiated anyway, whether we like it or not!! We don't all have the acreage to grow our own, so we have to eat what is available. What with global warming and holes in the ozone layer aren't we heading fast for some sort of termination?

A friend in New Mexico sent me some crystals he'd found in the desert, but I do find other crystals as effective.

05-06-2006, 06:16
I'm a fan of CZ as a substitute for diamond. I also have a few pieces of goldstone, which are just fun to look at. I don't find goldstone as effective as pyrite.

The best crystals I've ever found for healing are the plain, ordinary quartz sort. But that doesn't stop me from buying the fancy stuff. I'm sure I was a magpie at some stage. oOOOOOOOOO...... it glitters!!!!

05-06-2006, 15:57
Sherringham Thanks for your post, I agree when Happiness is one of 'our goals' in life to have a crystal purely for their appearance is a good thing and in that it is magical :) anything more is a bonus!

I understand what you say about alreations etc, and indeed cosmic rays bombard us all the time, I worked in a Uranium mine where new crystals were formed and re-formed in the mine pit affected by natural radiation and the intense heat from the black surrounding rocks (plus 60 degrees) all this is 'natural' but altered as without 'us' mining the area the ore lense would not have been 'exposed'...

WIZZLE thank you for your post too!
YES I love cubic zirconia too, It works far better in synthesising negativity IMHO that diamonds - but diamonds make me happy ;) Yes I dont tend to substitute Goldstone for pyrite often either..
I agree plain quartz is AMAZING - but if it glitters........... he he he he

I suppose WHAT we use crystals in general for is SO important - is it JUST HEALING our body mind and spirit (us or another person) or do we use them to bring things into our life, get things out of our life, eath healing, awakening past life memories - all that..

I really appreciate all of your thoughts on this