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the hermit
02-08-2002, 16:56
More shopping sites have been added in other posts to this thread

Now, I'm sure there are lots of wonderful folks out there selling rocks, but the only one that I'm comfortable recommending at this time is South American Imports in San Diego, CA.

SouthAmericanImports (http://www.saimport.com/index.htm)

That's because I've visited their shop a half dozen times. These folks have been around for about 20 years now. I've always found these nice folks to be helpful and forthright about their specimens. They've been selling on-line now for about 3 years, first through ebay and now with their own website. Their prices aren't cheap, but neither are their stones. They have quality merchandise. And remember... when you're buying a crystal, cut and polished or not, the clearer the specimen, the higher the price. They have great photos on their site, plus links to the items they're auctioning on ebay.

Another thing to remember is that what a lot of "metaphysical" shops call crystal balls are leaded glass balls. Now many folks like these and use them for scrying and meditation. So as long as you understand what you're getting--and expect to pay a lot less for this type of sphere compared to rock crystal spheres of the same size--that's fine. But if someone tells you that you're looking at rock crystal, and it's really, really clear, and you can see some small bubbles (yes, as in trapped air) then they are either mis-informed themselves or ... well you get the picture.

Also be aware that rock crystal spheres (and crystal points too) will always have some flaws. Little cracks, imperfections, inclusions (looks like glass fractures inside), clouds and other "flaws" are what make each crystal and each sphere, unique. For me, I want lots of flaws. On the practical side, it means the crystal will cost less. But on the personal side, it makes the crystal far more interesting and unique to me.

One last bit of advice... if you aren't sure, take a close look at the SAI photos of spheres and look at the sizes, their prices and the various flaws that almost all rock crystal spheres have if they're affordable. If it sounds like the deal is too good to be true... it probably is!

Anyone else know of reliable online sources or local sources? Lot's of us are close to some others on the forum, so if you know a good local shop, please let us know... You never know when we might be in the area :)

02-08-2002, 17:02
I am lucky, I have a neighbour who sells minerals at reasonable prizing. I can handle the stuff before I decide to order it so no need for me to do mineral online shopping.

the hermit
17-09-2002, 15:03
Here’s 2 interesting new sites for purchasing rocks, crystals and gems from online...

Dan Weinrich (http://www.danweinrich.com/gallerie.htm)
This is a dealer in the state of Missouri
He ships anywhere and pays any shipping over $15 u.s. (yep, that keeps it cheap for all you over-seas rock-o-holics :) ) and he accepts credit cards AND Pay Pal, plus checks and money orders.
You place your order via e-mail and he has a 14 day guaranteed satisfaction return policy (30 days for over-seas orders)
He’s got specimens of minerals AND some great crystals for under $50, some very nice ones at very reasonable prices. Take a scroll through his galleries for some great finds.

Wonders of the Mine (http://www.wondersofthemine.com/store/index.shtml)
This is another dealer in Missouri and they ship free within the U.S.
Also have guaranteed satisfaction return policy.
They accept PayPal, BillPoint, CheckSpace & Yahoo PayDirect as well as credit cards.
Large selection of very nice crystals with great prices.

the hermit
17-09-2002, 19:36
Here's another interesting online site.

The Crystal Ball (http://www.wehug.com)
These folks have a little bit of everything.
Crystal Spheres
and more

Huge site
Their prices an many things are very good.
But read the description and make sure you understand what you're getting.
They take credit cards and have a 30 day 100% money back guarantee.

05-10-2002, 10:52
I've never purchased a crystal from online before (for fear of flaws, cracks, and imperfections). Now, I can. :D

Thanks for the recommendations. :)

06-10-2002, 08:35
Graeat resources, thanks