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04-08-2002, 00:39
Leo rules the heart and August is the month to open our hearts and let the beautiful Sunshine in! The more Sunshine that you let in, the more warmth you exude. As far as new Moon charts go, this one is full of pizzazz!

The fifth sign, Leo (fire/fixed), is the sign of royalty, drama, generosity, flamboyancy, creativity, romance, children and fun. Dynamic, courageous, Mars joins the Sun and Moon at 16 degrees of Leo and this threesome is hot, hot, hot; it's the Pizzazz Patrol! Passion, vitality, self-confidence and pride are on the front burner. We want to be noticed, admired, complimented and appreciated and if we're not, hot tempers, pomposity and capriciousness can manifest. The competitive spirit is within all of us today.

Pluto (at 14 Sagg) and the South Node (at 16 Sagg) trine (120 degrees) this lunation, offering yet another opportunity to eradicate any hang-ups, fears or ill feelings that are hindering our evolvement. Pluto (which goes direct on 8/26), remains in cahoots with the South Node through mid-September and is continuing to deliver destiny in not so subtle ways (there isn't anything subtle about Pluto.) Mars, very pronounced in this chart, is trine Pluto, gifting us with the ability to move mountains and get our life into the right gear. "Ain't no mountain high enough" is the mantra for Mars/Pluto; no hurdle is too big to be overcome. Be adamant in your pursuit and make every effort to use this planetary alignment to its' fullest.

The new Moon and Mars are within two degrees of the solar eclipse of August 1999. Wherever 16 to 18 degrees of Leo falls in your chart, is being revisited and reawakened during this August lunation (and will again in late November when Jupiter stations at 18 degrees of Leo, exactly conjunct the eclipse point.)

Mercury is in Virgo (one of its' ruling signs) for most of the month and is the Master of details and analyzation. It's the only planet in an earth sign for this new Moon and for the majority of August, contributing a modicum of grounding. Common sense rules…don't leave home without yours'. Mercury trines Chiron (in Capricorn) illuminating health matters, eating well, exercise, quitting smoking and the like.

Convivial Venus, newly in affable Libra (its' ruling sign), is all about aesthetics, and partnerships and is in compatible aspect (sextile, 60 degrees) to Jupiter, newly in Leo. Romance could be right around any corner so make sure your "winking" eye is ready to wink at all possibilities. Venus is also squaring Chiron creating a little tension in the love department (perhaps over money), but not enough to lose sleep over. On August 16th, Venus makes its' bi-annual trine to Neptune. Taking in the Arts or spending a glorious day with your honey by the water may be on your agenda. While Venus is in Libra, expect to spend loads of cash at the cosmetic counter and on nice clothing, 'cause it's all about looking good!

Straight-laced Saturn traverses the 24th through 27th degrees of Gemini and in doing so, interlocks (in a trine) with ingenious Uranus in Aquarius on August 16th at 26 degrees. It's the solidification (Saturn) of innovative (Uranus) ideas and is very good for business. On a personal level, unless this aspect is flirting with one of your personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars), or angles, you probably won't notice much of anything. However, it's certainly nice to see Saturn interfacing in a friendly manner for a change!

There's another full Moon taking place in Aquarius at 29 degrees (aren't we lucky?) on August 22nd. The full Moon is conjunct Uranus while both trine Saturn and sextile Mars. The Sun is in opposition to Moon/Uranus, sextile Saturn and conjunct Mars. Mars is opposite Uranus (are you dizzy yet?) and creating havoc. One minute can be structured and serious and the next minute, chaos and bedlam can erupt. Sun/Uranus is "go your own way", or "get out of my way". Moon/Uranus is, well, loony. Venus/Pluto are in sextile (a money aspect); Mars is sextile Saturn (good for business and job changes) while Mercury is square Saturn (serious thinking prevails.) It's a day to remain labile or just skip work and go to the beach.

On August 27th, Mercury jets into Libra (for an extended stay - through October 31st) and collectively, decision-making can be delayed while all sides are heard and evaluated. Vacillation is standard fare (where's Mercury in Sagg when you need it?) Mars makes its' ingress into Virgo on August 30th (through October 15th) and we all become more concerned with getting the job done the right way and under budget!

May the August rays shine vividly in all areas of your life.


Aquarian Goddess

Question for you guys: Has anyone tried a horoscope wheel tarot spread on each new Moon to determine the course of your lunar month?

04-08-2002, 03:44
how does this spread looks like? (no, i haven't done such a spread)

edited to add that i love your signature AG :-)


04-08-2002, 06:08
I've seen the spread in a number of books but not actually tried it. It would be interesting to try it and also compare it to the astrological forecast based on the New Moon and its aspects to Natal planets.

I did acquire last year the Moon Oracle cards by Caroline Smith and John Astrop and intended to try and use them for a similar purpose. However I must admit trying to cope with learning the Tarot and Astrology made me put them aside. I really must have a go with them though.

Best wishes


04-08-2002, 07:29
could you post it minderwiz?


Royal Cat
04-08-2002, 07:46
I have tried a Horoscope wheel spread a few times, but unfortunately I just don't know enough about astrology to really get the full benefits. :( I'd like to hear how others use/read this spread.


P.S. Thanks AquarianGoddess for the August Forcast! Sounds like a great month.

04-08-2002, 08:08
Originally posted by AquarianGoddess
Question for you guys: Has anyone tried a horoscope wheel tarot spread on each new Moon to determine the course of your lunar month?

YES! YES! YES! sort of. I've layed cards out but they would go into 'effect' when the moon was in aries. Of course the cards position matcing the Moons. I did not think about doing one ON the new moon. I suppose that is more 'proper' and then maybe starting with the 1st card in the position that the new moon is in??? hmm. I will have to experiment.
OK everyone I will go post the Astrological spread
since I'm here. got to, what is it now?...using tarot?

04-08-2002, 08:14
Horoscope Spread?

If so one version is:

Lay out cards in shape of clock face, however card 1 is at 9 o'clock and the rest are laid out anticlockwise back to card 12 at 10 o'clock. Put a thirteenth card in the centre.

You can now:

1 take each card as representing a twelfth of the period which you are considering - though obviously months, days or hours are easiest to work with.

2 You can treat each card as one of the Houses and work through them in order. However you look at the 13th card first which will influence the remainder of the reading. Then on to card 1. Thus the Tower as card 11 might indicate major shocks for friends, or the break down of technological equipment.

These two types of reading could be combined once you got used to them


04-08-2002, 08:49
I posted the spread in "using tarot"
My discription is expressed differently, yet has the same meaning. Did not mean to step on toes there minder, sorry.

04-08-2002, 21:05
Lunalafey, toes completely undamaged and absolutely no need to say sorry.


05-08-2002, 08:10
Minderwiz, right on......:D

07-08-2002, 00:47
I used the horoscope wheel last month on the new Moon and found it very accurate. The layout is as Minderwiz explained; each card represents "a house" in the horoscope. If you're unfamiliar with the house meanings, you may want to refer back to my post on the "June New Moon", which gives a general synopsis of house meanings.

The house most highlighted for the month is the one that the current new Moon rules...this month (Leo) is the 5th house, so that card would have added emphasis. Next month it will be Virgo and 6th house, and so on. I'll have to remember to include that information in my reports.

You can either select the center card, first or last, it's up to you.

I hope you will post your "findings" when the month is over, so that we can all learn what, if any, significance this shows.

Light and Laughter,