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17-06-2006, 18:46
I know you can ignore whole forums by using the forum filter mode, but is there any way to ignore a single thread?

17-06-2006, 23:08
If you posted to it, and do not want further email notices about it, yes.

In UserCP, there is a column down the left, with categories.

Settings and Options

Private Messages

Watched threads


Under Watched Threads, click on the option: List Watched.

A list of every thread that you have ever posted to is there, plus any you clicked to watch.

There is a tick box at the end of each thread, tick the one you no longer want notices for and then scroll down.

Lower right, drop down menu labelled:

Move to folder....

Open the menu and you have options: one of them is how you want to be notified and one option is:

No email notification.

Select that and then click the button marked: Go.
You will no longer get notifications from that thread.

I do not think you can make a single thread invisible though, but glad to hear if anyone knows that.


18-06-2006, 06:41
begs the question;

if it were a married thread, would you still choose to ignore it?


18-06-2006, 06:54
Thanks, Marion. I was more thinking of ignoring it when I hadn't posted to it :)

And Prudence: good question :)