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18-06-2006, 15:39
I've just been given 4 large chunks of Black tourmaline which I've been cleansing for extra long hours utilising various methods to remove from it all history of its past owner (someone who was ill and passed on)

Yesterday I placed them in the house and began to feel things werent quite right, spooky almost.

And decided to continue the cleansing procss. Today I've even smudged them with Frankincense.

To anyone who's got a deep understanding of Crystals what do you feel?

Thanks in advance


18-06-2006, 17:18
I have been looking for a black tourmaline pendant for a while now just because of the protective qualities. Sometimes you might find a particular crystal that you just don't get along with, it could be that. It could be that your tourmaline will take quite some time to be clean again. Perhaps putting them with other crystals like on a bed of quartz might help ?

19-06-2006, 03:46
Maybe your Black Tourmaline is just "put out" because you think it needs so much cleansing. Black Tourmaline is known to absorb energies and absorb, repell, shield from negatives Sometimes also because it can be a powerful cleanser itself and help one face and recognize their shadow self A person may just not be ready to work with it and may feel uncomdfortable and itchy around it.
Black Tourmaline has offered itself lately as an aid to dealing with death and dying preparing for transitions and facing death illness and issues of severity ( court cases loss of loved ones freedom etc.) so that it can be at times a "heavy" stone On the other hand I have some small black tourmeline tumbles that are very dancy happy energy stones. I don't know if you have a place where you can let these stones rest a while outside of your energy "pick up zone" You may just not be ready th work with them yet or may have some issue that you are not up to dealing with yet that the tourmaline is pulling out.
Do sensitive people who have no knowlwge of the freind you got these from have the same recation to them?

19-06-2006, 22:15
Thanks for your inputs.

Yes these pieces have seen a lot of pain, their previous owner didnt survive the illness, and they were brought to help absorb a lot of the pain. Which is why I've been cleansing them so thoroughly. I feel they're ready for energising now, as over the past few days we've gotten used to each other and energies have stabilised at home.

20-06-2006, 09:27

I really like working with black tourmaline, or should I say it likes working with me, I dont 'do' much with it apart from ask its help!
very strong clear energy yes to help absorb energies, and dissapate them, its helps lighten up most situations, but really works when you really need it to.

I have some chips in a bracelet that works for me..

have fun with your stones, IM sure their history enriches their attributes


20-06-2006, 10:23
In my experience black tourmaline, even once cleansed, has a heavy feeling to it. Not bad, just heavy and dark. That's it's energy, IMO. It feels strong, capable of offering protection, and I believe it does, very well. Just don't be put off by a natural heaviness and think that means it needs more cleansing.


20-06-2006, 20:48
I can't help you much with your cleansing dilemma, because I am myself not entirely au fait with cleansing. But I do have a small black tourmaline cluster that I keep by my bedside, along with (but not right next to!) a rhodocrosite tumble stone. I feel it does help sleep and makes me feel quite at ease and protected (not that I suffer from night fears usually). But its best job is in keeping nightmares away. I went through a long period in the past two years when I suffered from PTSD nightmares. The black tourmaline is part of the package that helped me do away with them. I can say - I've not had a nightmare since I placed it by my bedside.

20-06-2006, 20:53
helvetica, I'm the same. I was given it to stop bad dreams and now it stays under my pillow at all times. Its a heavy solid stone and that's what I feel comfortable with. I like it, Eastarot

20-06-2006, 21:06
I can see why many of you have mentioned that its a heavy stone. Also it may be contributing to the aspect of "looking at my shadow self" as I've been doing a lot of introspection lately.

Have placed at my desk where I do readings. All kinds of people with all kinds of energies come into my office on a daily basis and I like feeling secure with such crystals to help absorb negative energies they may have left behind.

Thanks all. Love learning from this forum:)

20-06-2006, 21:12
helvetica, I'm the same. I was given it to stop bad dreams and now it stays under my pillow at all times. Its a heavy solid stone and that's what I feel comfortable with. Oh, I can't put mine under the pillow! It's a cluster and very spikey!!