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18-06-2006, 17:52
Dear People,

I wanted a palmstone Chakra set and I have been collecting them. It just seems that lately, I can't find the one I need. When I saw it on Ebay, the seller let me know that the supplier made a mistake, so they didn't have it :(

I'm still looking for a Charoite Palmstone, of the size of 7cmx5cm so I can almost completely my set. Does anybody know a good store to order it from? I checked google, but it seems Charoite is not that wellknown. Does it have another name I'm unaware of?

I'm also considering buying an Amber Palmstone if that is possible of around the same size... I can't find anything in the 3rd Chakra that 'fits' me, except for amber. Would this be affordable/possible?

Thanks a bundle,


Le vert
18-06-2006, 18:24
Hello.I'm here for a bit.

rather small though..
just a quickly response:)

not sure which you are wanting..but just for letting you know..

anyway good luck:)

19-06-2006, 03:19
I think Charoite is one of the more recent /newer stones to be coming to public attention I'd only heard of it in the last three years or so and it is not mentioned in older books i have a small slab a small ovalish stone about the size of a jumbo olive and 5 teeny tiny peices I hope you find your palmstone .
I've been putting together a chakra set and an expanded laying on of stones set in heart shaped stones. I had started a cabochon set but it has not come together yet.