View Full Version : Crystal Gazing?

25-06-2006, 03:33
While gazing at the flecks of light in my labradorite necklace , I had a series of insights into various aspects of my life. After surfing I discovered Labradorite balls are available and my heart skipped a beat.

Does anyone here read crystal balls? How has it been for you?

25-06-2006, 23:29
It doesn't have to be a ball, you can scry with polished crystal pieces, amongst other things.

I haven't done it, I was going t6o but I read somewhere that you have to be very very good at protecting yourself whilst doing it, much more than doing tarot readings / meditating etc & that sort of put me off.

26-06-2006, 00:44
My best friend reads the crystal ball... she's awesome at it. I, however, suck at scrying. ;) Hers is a normal round clear glass ball (the real crystal is unbelievable expensive, as we know). Her method is to place it on a dark background (an cloth, sometimes we just use her skirt) and she says it helps to have some diffuse light - not overhead lighting, so much as light that shines through it.

As for psychic protection, I don't think it requires anything beyond what you would normally do for any other type of divination.

Good luck!