View Full Version : New Moon: Cancer June 25th

25-06-2006, 07:14
Before teh new moon, the balsamic moon in Gemini will sextile to Mars and saturn in Leo, this gives an intuitive and aggressive drive to achieve resolution in the immediete concerns, a good day to work, play, and enjoy the daylight. For Tonight, the moon is channeled into Cancer, and channeled as in the way water is channeled from point 'a' to point 'b.'

A moon void of course throughout saturday night and then entering cancer in the early morning on Sunday, a strong wakeful night, perhaps it is best to stay up. Tommorow has demands of finshing things up, travel is prominant and this is a good time to do so, mercury retrograde shadow will be neutralized by the shift from cancer to leo, which will dominate the scene next week only to slow down.

the Sextile minimizes as the afternoon continues, a semisextile, don't make too many decisions all at once, unless you have something to write it down on, a pda perhaps. Mercury in Cancer is making sure things move foreward at a steady pace, right into leo, so you better prove that you are capable of leading, because mercury will enter leo, retrograde, re-enter cancer, go direct, and then recourse back into leo, teh energy out and about now is going to be revisited.

the Mars, Vesta, juno, saturn conjunction cluster is breakign apart, and mercury won't be joining them for very long, this is a good time to talk about leadership so that the planets and asteroids in question don't have to do it for mercury itself, mercury is neutral in his statements, mars and saturn are not, vesta and juno are not good at counterpoints. The gemini moon makes a 144degree harmonious aspect (biquintile) with aquariuan chiron, the time is ripe for emotional healing and reinforcement, stress won't get in your way this time, getting things done will be helpful, asking for help is proper.

As the moon makes the conjunction in cancer, after a brief opposition to pluto, marking emotional hotspots best left alone in future conversations (just do the dishes and throw away the trash before it piles up, it isn't that difficult to maintain), the lunar mistress becomes highly intuitive in cancer, pushing new endevours at a brisk pace, that which starts now will have lasting reprecussions.

Venus in Gemini is lively, wanting to do everything everywhere with everyone, but those that aren't nice don't get to do much.

the cancer moon then opposes pallas athena in Capricorn, pitting intuition and rationality against eachother, each bringing out teh best in eachother at that, pallas is retrograde so she will be retracing certain steps already taken, while the moon continues foreward keeping momentum and energy that will activate Leo's drive and love for life. Sexual activity will be scattered this weekend, don't get pressured and don't be annoyed, better times are possible.