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02-07-2006, 15:27
Do any of you visualize a crystal that you want before attempting to find one ?

That's what I'm doing at the moment. It could be part of the process of drawing the right crystal to oneself, or it could be just another psycho idea that lodged in my head .

At the moment I am visualizing a clear quartz point that is rather fat and squatty . Maybe 4x4 or if the Goddess really smiles, 5x5 . I see it as being super clear and pointy at the top, and rather solid white at the very bottom, with swirls and interesting formations in the middle.

I am seeing it sitting on my oval coffee table , creating a focus for the room and some kind of energetic influence that permeates the atmosphere. It can't be just any one - it has to be a certain one that speaks to me, and of course I will know it when I see it and the connection will be immediate.

It would be easy enough to find one , but I have to have one that is not outrageously priced . So the influence of the universe is paramount in this matter , and the right circumstances will have to conspire in my favor.

Now I will have to keep this particular crystal in mind and visualize it regularly, perhaps even meditating upon it sometimes . We'll see what turns up.

02-07-2006, 16:48
Dark Inquisitor
all the best with acquiring your wonderful clear quartz point (5 x 5 for sure)

I want a lovely (chunky) necklace made of really unusual shaped and muti-stones.. its been in my minds eye for some time now, about 12 months, and just this week I SAW IT in a store - a new jewellry shop that opened close to our home... I did not dare ask the price, but just to see it was a lovely blessing! AND one day when the universe is a little more financially supportive Ill go in and ask them to make me something like it - if its not waiting for me!!


02-07-2006, 21:18
I've never really sat down and visualised my next crystal, but while going through Crystal Healing books, when I just spot a picture of a crystal that I;m attracted to it, I usually make a mental note of it.

These days I feel Selenite is calling to me.

02-07-2006, 23:27
I've never sat down and visualized my next crystal, either...usually I'll see a picture of one, or read about a certain one and then I know that's what I need next....then I'll either come across one in a store, or sometimes be gifted with it..

03-07-2006, 04:14
Uhmm... we have many secondhand stores in my City, and just the other day I went to visit one of them for a 50cent book fair. I actually thought: "would be nice if they have some crystals too" but didn't visualise.

I ended up with part 2 of a triology (my mother had given me part 1), and a little flask filled with tiny crystals (sodalite, amathyst, tigereye, rose quartz and many others). Then later in the day I went to the other secondhand store with my love, where we found part 3 of the triology and 4 big marble spheres. The spheres went to my brother-in-law for his collection.

So I got the whole triology that I wanted & some crystals in the bargain! I guess I'm going to visualise them next time too and see what happens!


03-07-2006, 13:36
Oh what a great idea...Dark Inquisitor! Let us know when your beauty comes to you!

I love the stories about synchronicity and visualization too...

I hope you can purchase your necklace soon MCsea! Sounds like it was made for you!

and kahlie...that is awesome that you found just what you wanted!

I love days like that!

so...now I am visualizing the perfect crystal coming to me...oddly enough...I think it has to be a rose quartz, which I am not always immediately attracted to...

and it needs to be cut and polished to be terminated on both ends.
and needs to be really reasonable!

I will see what happens

04-07-2006, 08:25
I think you'll be lucky with rose quartz - it's generally reasonably priced .

Gee Kahlie- I think I am going to have to add secondhand stores to my visualization list ! Fantastic finds !

15-07-2006, 04:26
I think I need to work on my visualization skills...

ok, I thought I would try this and visualise:

1 A Charoite Palmstone (unlikely find but ok)
2 A Quartz Pyramid
3 An Amber Palm'stone' (just that kind of shape)
4 A piece of Turquoise

I ended up with:
1 A beautiful Fluorite Palmstone (green/purple/transluctend/white/blue)
2 An Amber Pyramid (slightly damaged and small but very cheap)
3 Rhodochrosite piece, beautifully banded, with on one side V shapes as in white/pinkshades of wings, and on the other side 4 round bands in a butterfly shape

So... I did see a Quartz Pyramid but the price was way out of my range ($100), and I did always want a Rhodochrosite piece, but couldn't find something with beautiful bands.

I hope to make pictures of this, and show them to you guys.

It seems I'm ok in visualising the shapes and all, but the stones got mixed up with the shapes ;) I'm very happy with my amber find, since it's rare to find amber, and there are many fakes on the market. It was slightly damaged, but I'm ok with that, it has no insect inclusions but it does have spangles.


15-07-2006, 11:27
They all sound lovely, but maybe you should limit your visualization to one thing at a time ? Could it be that you're scattering your energies ?

I recently got a nice lapis lazuli skull I have been wanting for at least a year, but no sign of the quartz point yet.

(I'm beginning to wonder if some of these skulls and crystals are trying to phone home - I've been getting the dizzies yesterday and today .. )

15-07-2006, 23:04
What a delightful thread.

Yes, I do visualize the next one, but you know, I never really thought about it in that way. But that's what I do.

The next one will be a clear quartz sphere, about 50-60 mm (2.1" to 2.3") in diameter and will have inclusions that create a "road map" look to the inside of the sphere. It will not be perfectly clear, but will have no milky white/cloudy places in it.

I know exactly what it looks like - haven't seen it yet, but for this one, I am prepared to wait.