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08-08-2002, 09:29
Wow, has Mars been activating tempers! Where I work has not been pleasant...a man I work with walked out today (he's under a Mars return) and someone went out to get him and he did come back.

There has been tons of backstabbing, bickering and ego non-gratification. In the last week, six people quit and one person (a Cancer with Leo planets) got fired.

Watch out for Mars this week...he's lurking somewhere!

Hope you're having a better week!


08-08-2002, 23:46
Quick (perhaps dumb) question: is Mars still in Leo til the end of August?

:) Kes

09-08-2002, 00:41
Originally posted by AquarianGoddess
Wow, has Mars been activating tempers!

There has been tons of backstabbing, bickering and ego non-gratification.

Watch out for Mars this week...he's lurking somewhere!

Hope you're having a better week!


OMIGODDESS!!!!!! i thought it was just me! i had one woman whom i thought we got along, ripped me a new butt. another woman who is the authroizer on major purchases just blew up when i told her i needed the paperwork back so i can send to purchasing. gosh, she made it sound that i didn't know what i was doing. being doing the acctg thing for 15 yrs...kinda have an idea! :)

that could also explain the stress/tension in the business office of my dept. i work as admin assist in a research lab of a big university. i stay down here cause there's not much backstabbing going on!

can't wait for the week to be over. did this start last friday? i almost had a fight w/one of the owners of the club..he's friends weren't moving and expecting me to serve them when it's 2:10 am! told him to finish cleaning up, i'm out there! or it could be that we just clash..he's a leo i'm a cancer.

peace and duck!

09-08-2002, 01:12
Mars is currently at 16 degrees 38 minutes Leo and is in applying conjunctions from the Sun (15 degrees 54 minutes) and the Moon (at 13 degrees 31 minutes). The approaching Sun/Mars conjunction has probably been building up over the last week, so that seems to indicate the hyper activity.

I've also just gone through my Mars return (12 degrees 40 natally) but also Mars has just transited my Pluto (14 degrees 49 minutes) and is on its way to transit my Saturn (21 degrees 7 minutes) and my Ascendant (23 degrees 28 minutes) before it leaves Leo.

OK you folks - what sort of August do you predict for me?


09-08-2002, 09:06
Purple Goddess, gosh, sorry to hear that Mars has been acting up in your chart. Don't fret, he will soon be gone from Leo.


Good grief, you were born with a Mars/Pluto conjunction...and as you well know, we all endure the Mars' transits every two years...and then they pass..except that this new Moon activates your dynamic conjunction in the 12th. My first thought would be a spiritual retreat, or something of the kind, where YOU, the Leo ascendant, would be lecturing. There are about a hundred more things that could happen, but that's the one that popped into my mind.

How's your health? With Saturn ruling your 6th, I'd be mindful of making an appointment with the dentist.

Mars/Pluto/Saturn in the 12th...and all have been opposed by Uranus over the last few years. What have you learned through those transits? Did you change your life in any (big) way? Certainly not easy transits by any means, and even more so, with your natal 4th, 6th and 9th coming into play.

The upcoming Jupiter station (right between Pluto and Saturn) should prove to be an interesting time for you and since I don't know the rest of your chart, I'll refrain from giving my 2 cents on it!

Light and Laughter,

09-08-2002, 19:43
Poor Me!! That's a good reading - you might also have add to the angst by pointing out that as well as the Mars/Pluto conjunction, Saturn and Pluto are also conjunct and this in turn stretches the conjunction back to Mars. What's more Saturn is conjunct my poor Leo Ascendant.

Good point on the dentist - while my teeth are fine my gums aren't.

Last four years or so have been significant changes - I began to develop psychically, got made redundant) and had to settle for lower paid job (6th House of work). However that in turn allowed me to develop my interests in Astrology and later on Tarot (9th House of Travel – at least educationally). Also over the last four years I have made four trips to the USA having never visited it at all in the previous 50 – again 9th House Travel.

Interesting point about lecturing in a spiritual retreat. My volume of posts to this site has risen significantly over the last week, on all sorts of issues. Perhaps I am trying to ‘lecture’ through this medium.

If you want to have a go at the Jupiter station my full details are

birth time 01:30 (00:30 GMT)
Date 24 October 1947
Place Stoke on Trent England (53N00, 002W10


12-08-2002, 01:04
I have Mars in Leo in my birth chart (aren't I lucky?!) ;) And I just got hired at a job where they are going to Pay Me to go to school! So maybe this Mars thing is working in my favour? Something needs to! I've had a really difficult time with jobs and career for a long time so this seems like my lucky break, I hope.
If Mars in Leo is such a bad, or volatile thing, then maybe I can blame it for my constant fights with every spouse I've ever had, and fighting with my sibling the whole time I was growing up! (Wince) I'm serious.

12-08-2002, 01:07
Ah, I see that Jupiter is in Leo Too! I'm sure that's helping! :) .

12-08-2002, 01:45
I've got Mars in Leo as well and I certainly don't think its a bad thing in itself - mine happens to be conjunct Pluto and through Pluto conjunct Saturn - it's that combination that puts a bit of stress to it. However stress (in reason) is one of the great motivators. People with all trines and sextiles sit on the beach all day and end up with little to show for it whilst those with square and oppositions go out and conquer the world! :)

Mars in Leo without the complications says look at me I'm a handsome ***** cat and boy can I put on a show for you!


12-08-2002, 01:47
Oh dear the censor doesn't like reference to the innocuous and usual diminuitive word that precedes 'cat' and is similar to 'puppy'


12-08-2002, 03:51
Originally posted by Minderwiz
Oh dear the censor doesn't like reference to the innocuous and usual diminuitive word that precedes 'cat' and is similar to 'puppy'

Minderwiz I noticed the same thing!!!!! It happened to me, too.....in another post.