View Full Version : 2 Crystals; Kyanite and Picture Jasper

Briar Rose
13-07-2006, 10:32
I have been making pendants with Kyanite (stick form). I love the working with them. I just can't get enough of them! Does anyone have this feeling? And what kinds of shapes are your Kyanites?

Also, my friend gave me a Picture Jasper pendant he made (bezeled). What can I expect from Picture Jasper?

Does scrying have to be done with a sphere, or can it be used with a pendant?

13-07-2006, 13:17
I have a piece of blue kyanite that's very similar in shape to a foot. I love working with it. It was the first crystal I encountered that had so much energy that I could feel it (I was very new to crystals at the time). I had it in my pocket with 2 pieces of clear quartz and with the amplification from the crystal, I felt like I was on a caffine high for 3 days. Since then, I've learned that, for me anyway, kyanite is a very relaxing crystal. I have to be careful if I meditate with it, because I often fall asleep.

14-07-2006, 10:05
HI HeavensVault

I find Kyanite relaxing also, but the follow on from the rest and relaxation is on waking I FEEL alive - really ready to get up and get going...

Picture Jasper for me its all about symbolism, picture jasper helps me 'see' more in normal things, I see shape form and then meaning - but thats me, I find its very grounding too.