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12-02-2002, 18:40
Hello folks....

I´m a sagittarian, and everything they say about sagittarians describes me ...an adventurer, always looking for freedom, for a journey waiting be started...a philosopher, always after the greatest mysteries in the world...an optimist, who has faith in the world...a justice seeker, who tries to set things straight and put some order into the world...etc...etc...etc...

How many of you are sagittarians???
How many of you feel the same way???
And, if you´re not a sagittarian...what sun sign are you, and how do you feel about it ???


12-02-2002, 21:00
Guilty as charged!

That pretty much sums me up.

13-02-2002, 08:32
Well, I belong to class 83 and in that year we had:
Jup(gov)/Uranus conj in Sag
Neptune(ex) in Sag
So, even though I'm a Gemini, I own a lot of Sags.
And I think the polarities are well melt inside myself.

I share all of your feeling and stuff. Really: I'm a philosophying vagabond.
But I want to add something to the picture: I tend to Vegetarianism, Ambientalism, Fight for Human Rights, Religious eclecticism, Gluttony ( :D ).
And, you know, there's something more...
When people just have to tell me something, the often have two ways: the polite, but firm and clear, or the cruel, "slap in the face" one.
I'm constantly being slapped, and I am inclined to think this is due to the fact that people react this way to the typical Sagittarian way - which often is brave and sort of "know-it-all", challenging, provocative...
Have you noticed such tendency?

In light

13-02-2002, 09:16
No, I'm not a Sagg - I'm a Capricorn. For many many years, I would read the descriptions of Cappy's and think it only sounded half right. Then I discovered the "whole chart" and how the moon & descendant affected a sun sign. And suddenly, it all clicked. My moon is Aquarius, my descendant, Libra. I was reading a description of Cappy sun/Aquarius moon once and it pretty much summed me up! "To be or not to be" . The constant struggle between just blowing it all away in order to go teach kids in some third world country or to just stay steady & true and make a good living and provide for my family...I deal with this all the time.

I think I have finally come to the conclusion that I can do both - use my position and money to help those in need. This is my goal - I don't always succeed. And lest anyone think I have tons of money or a powerful position - well, I suppose that would depend on what you compared it to, but I wouldn't say it is so. Just that I realize I can make a difference.

The funny thing is that every description I have ever read of Cappy's indicate that they do best in jobs where they are teaching, in careers with large organizations or government politics. Guess what I do? I am a training manager for a global computer firm who is on a consulting engagement for the Canadian Federal Government!

So, who's to say? We may have free-will, but I think our stars have a alot to do with pushing us in the right direction....

13-02-2002, 10:28
i'm a leo, with taurus moon and virgo rising and let me tell you i am soooo much all of these signs.

i love to be in charge or the center of attention (hence i moderate on all the forums to go to LOL). if you tell me that i can't have it or can't do it.......watch out, my taurian side comes out full force and i dig my feet in sooo firmly that even if i know it's not for my greatest good....i have a hard time stopping myself (although this doesn't happen often anymore). and virgo, OMGoddess, i have to have everything organized and in it's place or everything becomes total chaos, i run from one end of the spectrum to the other (total virgo)


my son is a sag. but he's only 8....i haven't noticed any strong traits in him yet.

my daughter is 15 and scorpio scorpio scorpio.......she needs locks on everything and compartments in everything she has. she loves loves loves secret bottoms inside a box where she can stash something away! she even tapes her babysitting money onto the wall of her closet thinking a robber would never look there LOL. i have spent alot of time teaching her about sex, sexuality and safety since she has soooo much scorpio in her chart!

my youngest is pisces, cancer moon and virgo rising. she's a little handful but the cuddliest little angel :)

in light,

ps i'm married to a gemini and i love it :)

13-02-2002, 12:03
I'm a Sagittarian and my two sons are both Leos. Fire, fire, and fire!

13-02-2002, 12:20
Word. I'm right with you, Ramses. Sagittarius all over my chart, though I'm not especially familiar with astrology. It's pretty rediculous sometimes. Always aiming (heh) at philosophical clarity, (I studied a lot of phil in college) or off on some new adventure. Not the best at bringing it down to practicality at times…

13-02-2002, 20:19
My boyf is a Saggitarian. I'm a Cancerian. Now, lets look at these two signs and compare:

Sag: Needs to be free, doesn't like being tied down.
Can: Needs to be in a secure relationship, wants marriage, babies, etc...
Sag: Very blunt with words
Can: Easily hurt by words.

So, we should be very incompatible, however, aswell as having Cancerian trait I also have very Saggitarian traits: The philosophy, the blunt words, the freedom. My boyf also has very Cancerian traits: The emotion, the dwelling on certain thoughts... He also doesn't have the optimism, he's more of a realist.

Anyway, I still love him.


14-02-2002, 00:20
Hey Folks...

thanks a lot for answering...now I got to know, and other people got to know a bit more about all of you, friends from the forums...and I do feel it very strong, this friendly bond between everybody around...

Well...but Kiama, you really have a delicate relationship, hum?!...Sag. and Cancer...uhhh...
But, I, for instance, am a Sagittarian and my girlfriend is completelly a Pisces...she´s introverted, jealous, etc...it´s also very complex...lol

Oh, and this is something funny...I have these three other friends at college, and we form a special circle...them(the 3 girls) and me(the man) together have the four elements...our signs are : Sag, Scorpio, Aquarius and Taurus...And the four of us are into magic, and all that stuff...lol...guys, you don´t know how nuts we can get sometimes...but let´s leave it alone...

And people...if you´re curious this is me...in the astrological world...
Sun in Sag.
Moon in Scorpio
Mercury in Sag.
Venus in Cap.
Mars in Virgo
Jupiter in VIrgo
Sat. in Virgo
Uranus in Scorpio
Neptune in Sag.
Pluto in Libra

So, this is me...if you wanna analyse that...feel free to tell me later...and if you wanna post yours too, I mean, the planets positions, it would be a great chance for us people to practice astrology, and an oportunity to get to know people here in another level, the astrological one ...


14-02-2002, 07:39

what's your rising?


15-02-2002, 00:56
Well, Ramses: I really envy you!!! :'(
I want a "college coven" too!!! :'(

There's something that stroke me: Moon in Scorpio.
Is it in conjunction with Uranus?
Anyhow, your Moon and Uranus are somewhat... witchy!!!
Really, they point at your psychic/paranormal powers.
You have plenty of ability and the stars favour as well! :-)

P.S. Actually, now I'm twice envious :(
Someone wants love spreads from this fourms... and I want Moons in Scoprio!!! :D

17-02-2002, 02:58
Hey Jade,

if the rising you want is the "ascendant", mine is in Gemini...
That´s why I´m kinda crazy...philosophical as a Sag., and ambiguous as a Gemini...lol...I´m a bit nuts...

And Pollux...you don´t need to envy me ...I bet your natal map is better than mine...and, you can get a nice coven, too...


17-02-2002, 11:37
thanks dan,

yes rising and ascendant are the same thing.

in light,

18-02-2002, 00:32
Kiama :)

I'm a Cancer Sun (conjunct Uranus trine Moon in Scorpio conj. MC), and my daughter is a Sag Sun. She's friendly, chatty, and her worldview is so open that I've wondered over the years "How did I get her??? I"m such a hermit!"

We do have other chart connections, though. I'm a Cap rising and her Moon and Merc are in Capricorn. She's 18 and headed for college in the fall, and overall, I'd say our relationship works. Example: She's narrowed down her college choices to a school in NYC and a school in D.C. My Saturn-ruled chart says, "Whoa, it could be DANGEROUS to live in the big city," and insisted she take a self-defense class this summer. Her Sag sun rolled its eyes, but her Cap moon must have seen the merit of taking the class, because she agreed to do it, no problem.

Anyway, I knew she was waaaay different from me from the get-go. She's definitely a person "of the world" and I knew she'd be unhappy if she never got beyond her own hometown, so I tried to raise her to go out into the world when the time came.
Looks like it will all turn out fine--yes, I've got the concerns of a homebody type with a strong Saturnian fear factor, but at this point I can honestly say that I'm happy with her and for her.

So Cancers and Sags can make it work, I think. I bet if you had someone look at both your charts, you'd see some strong connections that compensate for the seeming incompability of your Sun signs.


18-02-2002, 05:05
my astrology teacher told me that there is almost always a correlation between the parents chart and the childs.

for example.........i have virgo rising and so do two of my kids. my other child has her father's moon.

she said that it is seldom when a child doesn't have this (sun, moon, rising) part of their charts that mirrors mom or dad's sun, moon, or rising.

in light,

ps i don't think i explained that very well. i hope you can all follow what i was trying to say.

18-02-2002, 07:33
thanks Kalin and Jade...thanks a lot ...the things you´ve said really helped...
now I see things inder whole new eyes....I mean...that teaches us to pay attention to natal charts as a whole, not only dividing it into parts....
thanks again...


19-02-2002, 12:58
Yep Im a Sagi, ttho a cusp one, and so is my daughter, she's born December 20 and Im born December 21

19-02-2002, 14:06

What is the degree of your ascendant and your moon?


20-02-2002, 01:10
ramses said

"But, I, for instance, am a Sagittarian and my girlfriend is completelly a Pisces...she´s introverted, jealous, etc...it´s also very complex...lol"

i can relate to that...my sun's in leo and my moon's in pisces, and i had a boyfriend that was sun in pisces, and he was introverted and jealous, had his head in the clouds most of the time and all he wanted to spend money on (usually my money) was art supplies for painting... i guess i must have been drawn to his pain...

having moon in pisces and ascendant in gemini makes for a very confused, indecisive and overly sensitive person! :-)

my planetary positions (besides ones mentioned above)...

Descendant Sagittarius
Mercury in Cancer
Venus in Virgo
Mars in Taurus
Jupiter in Aries
Saturn in Cancer
Uranus in Libra
Neptune in Sagittarius
Pluto in Libra