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21-07-2006, 05:34
Hi I was wondering what the worth of an opal the size as a chicken egg you get at the store, the large size egg. Its huge and a real opal, and was wondering if anyone could estimate its worth? Thanks.


21-07-2006, 08:42
Hi Serpenta,

This is something that is impossible to estimate without actually seeing the opal piece. The value of a stone depends a lot on the quality of the material and this can vary greatly. Also, how do you know for sure that it is genuine opal?

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21-07-2006, 09:29
Hi, thanks, basically I got it awhile ago, my mom bought it for me, and I got it checked out. She got it at 100.00, very cheap for the size. Its a real opal, and when put in water you can see it illuminate when put in, and near a light, it is smooth, cloudy until put in the water. I have no way of getting it on a photo for the computer. But I know its real cause I went to a gemshop awhile back. They confirmed the authenticity. All I have been told is that this gem is very pricey. Thanks for your response.


21-07-2006, 11:54
Hi SerpentAzothi,

It sounds like a lovely piece and you are lucky to have it. The only way to get any accurate value of it's worth would be to take it to someone who can evaluate it in person. Either a gemmologist (which I am but can't give you any clue without actually seeing the material) or someone who has a rock shop and really knows minerals. You might try going to a gemstone/rock show if there ever is one where you live.

Good luck in your search,

21-07-2006, 13:12
Two questions for you:

You go to a gemologist and find out it's a worthless piece of old bathroom tile grout. What will you do with it then?

You go to a gemologist and find out it's high-quality opal that can be cut into jewelry and worth about $1500. What will you do with it then?

22-07-2006, 00:11
lol tarotbear great humor :) Thanks Ruby, I will go check it out. Thanks.


22-07-2006, 00:19
Serpenta! Hi :D

Opals can vary greatly in price, and different opals from different parts of the world are worth more. Australia has some of the best opals in the world - white opals are a specialty - some small opals are worth thousands and thousands of dollars - then again some are not.
Get it vaslued by someone who specializes in opals - but is not a seller of opals. Dont get caught with someone saying its worth nothing - then ask to take it off your hands for $300.00 to find that they sold it on ebay for $120,000.00 ;) and there are opals worth alot more than that!

Elven x

22-07-2006, 00:27
I had a laugh at your comment too Tarotbear. I have to admit I often have similar thoughts at work. The only real reason to have an appraisal/estimate of value is if you are going to have the item insured and the replacement value must be verified or if you are planning to resell the piece. Otherwise, isn't the value what it means to you and not the dollar and cents? But people always want to know what they have in dollars, 'cause that's what it's all about :(

Quite often at a jewellery store there is a type of customer who likes to come in and just simply brag about all the jewellery they already own. No matter what you show them their piece is bigger, better and much more valuable. I get a kick out of these people because they think they are making such an impression when really all people who work at jewellery stores know they are just a "type".

Anyway, getting off track. I hope that you get the answer you are looking for Serpenta, no harm in being curious :)

All the best,

22-07-2006, 00:30
Get it vaslued by someone who specializes in opals - but is not a seller of opals.

That's a very good point. Most gemmologists/rock hounds don't see a lot of opal and always have to do a bit of research when evaluating a piece. Definitely better to find someone who specializes in opals.