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26-07-2006, 02:10
Hi there,
Apparently my Maine Coon Mix Toby suffers from hip displacy.

I tried to find some more information about HD alternative healing remedies for cats on German sites but most sites are about HD on dogs, so I am wondering if that one can be treated in the same way or do you have some alternative healing suggestions appropriate for cats? I have a good vet but apparently he is not that much into HD on cats.

Thanks in advance.

26-07-2006, 03:08
Oh Catlin I am sorry.

I know they do operations to correct that defect in big dogs all the time here in the states, but I have never heard of it affecting cats. What you might want to do is look up a vet that does nothing but felines and ask. (advice is cheap, for free). Or perhaps Google the disease, in particular in cats. Sending lots of love and light for your kitty. (((((((light & love))))))

fellow lover of cats.

26-07-2006, 03:55
catlin ... sorry to hear about your baby's poor hip troubles, I have no known remedy, but I hope you find something to help soon.

Miss Wiggles and Chicken x

26-07-2006, 05:49

My heart goes out to you! I also have a Maine Coon and love her dearly! I hope you find the info that you need to help your kitty!


26-07-2006, 06:11
I called a cousin who is a breeder. She contacted a friend who has changed breeds but at one time did have coon's. It seems HD is not common in cats, but is well know in that breed. She said it is a very manageble condition. She recommended an evaluation by a vet who is familiar with feline HD. Treatment options range anywhere from surgery in the worst cases to glucosamine (sic) and other suppliments to help prevent or lessen the cartlidge damage that will eventually lead to arthritis. The damage occurs from the friction caused by the joint not working smoothly. She said she had around 5 kittens that had the condition, 3 were treated non surgically, 2 surgically and all have done very well. The oldest one is in it's early-teens and just beginning to show signs of arthritis.


26-07-2006, 06:42
That is so cool, LadyMedusa~ Thanks!
:) Good luck, catlin... A BIG MEOW :love:

26-07-2006, 15:51
HI Catlin,

LadyMedusa has given brilliant advice.

My big dog has this problem and she is doing fine - better than fine, we feed her sardines and liprinol - it is an extract of green lips muscles - very natural but refined, its great for humans - but its also wonderful for pets, the animal blend is much cheaper also.

I hope you find a nice vet who can help.


27-07-2006, 01:34
Hi guys,
Thanks a lot for your sympathy and the great suggestions! I have to wait until the weather has cooled down to take Toby to the cat specialist who is in another city and to ask his advice. In the meantime I will check for glucosamine, give him more fish (he is not a great fish eater, he prefers chicken) and the green lips muscles thiny.

Luckily Toby does not have pain and he is not a great jumper, so I think we can cope until the weather will be less hot (we have around 35C here and it is sticky, because a thunderstorm seems to be approaching).

27-07-2006, 03:38
Hi Catlin,
Shark cartilage works wonders in humans for bones, joints, cartilage, tendons, etc and certainly wouldn't hurt a cat. For me it works much better than glucosamine/chondroitin. Shark also helps with inflamation so if there is already some arthritis or injury, it will help ease the discomfort.

27-07-2006, 19:23
Thanks for the suggestion, but I have no idea where to get shark cartilage here in Germany (we only have either sharks on 2 legs or see them in the zoo), is there a medical preparation containing shark cartilage available or will some other fish also be ok (I suppose the Omega 3 acids in fish do the trick or do sharks have something special about them???).

28-07-2006, 03:44
Hi Catlin,
Check any pharmacy that also sells vitamins and herbs. Or, any health food store should have it or at least be able to get some for you. The prince is about $10.00 USD for 60 capsules. There have been serveral books written about the benefits of shark cartilage. I don't think just any other fish would necessarily have the same properties. If you want to try this and can't find any, send me a PM and I'll help you find where to get some. BTW, do you or anyone you know do Reiki? This will also help make Toby more comfortable. Give him a big hug and kiss for me.

11-08-2006, 01:18
@raeanne: thanks a lot for the great suggestion! Toby got a big hug and kiss in your name from me. Currently he gets glucosamine once a day and Silicea D12 5 globuli 3 times per day and it seems to do him good because he runs and jumps around a lot more than before (the only disadvantage seems to be that the glucosamine makes his boo very soft so I have to take care that nothing clings to his hind legs).