View Full Version : Faerie Quartz?

26-07-2006, 03:49
I've seen a site selling faerie quartz, it's looks lovely! But I haven't been able to find out any information on it. Does anybody know anything about it?

Thank you :)

26-07-2006, 08:47
This may be being used as yet another name for spirit quartz, Candle quartz, Cactus quartz, angel quartz etc. where one larger crystal point or cluster is covered with tiny quartz crystals or druse . Some of these are natural some may have been created through a harsh process essentially melting or dissolving part of the crystal and alowoing it to re crystalize. Of course clusters of tiny crtystals has been called fairy quartz for far longer than the spirit quartz seems to have been popular Quartz with lots and lots of ifrosty lacy inclusions is also called fairy quartz .

12-08-2006, 22:47
sjygreen is quite correct, faery quartz is another name for the little druzy quartz.......and they are just lovely to work with!

they are also often called magaliesburg quartz due to their south african origin, and i'm sure that the term spirit quartz comes from the spirit or acid that the miners use to clean them, rather than the type of energy that they hold.

their energy is gentle, motherly and ideal for use with emotional problems and also when working with children.

my cats also like to play with them due to the way that the light bounces and twinkles off the tiny crystals around the main crystal. :)

jue xx