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03-08-2006, 21:10
Is there a difference between Mangano calcite and pink calcite, or is it just two different names for the same stone?


04-08-2006, 01:34
I had wondered that too. There really does seem to be an actual difference energy wise. Mangano Calcite contains Maganese. I've had pink calcite for many years and have gotten some Mangano Calcite last year . My pink calcite has an almost crisp energy feel compared to the The feeling from the Mangano is much softer and more soothing like being wrapped in a warm fluffy blanket.
My daughter Niki picked up a small piece of Mangano Calcite and held it for about ten minutes, three weeks ago, the pain from her spinal injury disappeared almost instantly and has not returned. Yesterday, I beamed /relayed Mangano calcite energy long distance to someone who was in extreme pain after dental surgery and it also reduced the pain and soothed the distraught emotional state instantly (it was a telephone consultation) so I am very impressed with it. Both reguar pink calcite and MC are very versatile too.

04-08-2006, 09:17
Another difference: Mangano Calcite is opaque and often banded. I have a couple small pieces which could be mistaken for agate.

My other pink calcite is translucent - like clear calcite, except tinted pink.

I'm thinking both Mangano and translucent pink calcite would have manganese in them. Manganese is what makes rose quartz pink, and obviously it causes Mangano Calcite to be pink, so it would make sense if it was responsible for translucent pink calcite as well.

I've heard Mangano Calcite called "marshmallow stone." I think it's very good for kids. For adults, it's good for reconnecting to the inner child, and helps you keep a healthy sense of playfulness and wonder.

It seems to share the energy of rose quartz, but is even gentler.

04-08-2006, 12:38
Thanks Kyrielle and skygreen for your input. I've been researching this to find out if there is a mineral/molecular difference, a difference in where each kind is located, or if they just have a different "feel" to them, as skygreen alluded to. Kyrielle, it sounds like you have an optical pink calcite -- how lovely!

Many blessings,