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Al Si'ra
04-08-2006, 22:23
Hi!! Last nite with my cousin we were checking our family's birthcharts..when we checked mine we noticed that most of my planets are gathered in the 4th house..and some in 3..my cousin said that this means that my life will highly likely revolve around family issues whether positive or negative..
Strangely girls and women in our family somehow although it is not their choice can't build a family of their own..usually end up alone..or with their family..that i am very much scared of to be honest..

I have a question
Can we specify if people will build a family of their own by looking at their charts?My cousin said that it would be highly unlikely of me to end up like this since i am a family oriented person just by looking at my chart..though i wouldn't like to end up sticking to my parents too.
and does it have a specific meaning that all the planets are at the bottom part of the chart..i guess it means that all happens in me..that i don't solve my issues by interacting with people but rather dealing with myself?

thanks a lot in advance and sorry for the uneducated question :P!

05-08-2006, 06:11
A preponderance of planets in the third and fourth DO NOT mean that you are a family stay at home person who will never go outside the front door and the rest of your life is empty - so please tell your cousin that they are wrong.

There are a whole set of possible interpretations of these placements, depending on which school of Astrology you lean to. A number of psychologically based Astrologers would claim that it shows you gather your approach and ability to interact with the world from deep within your self (rather than being influenced strongly by others).

Now the home here is YOUR home, not your parents, not your families but yours. The home that you make for yourself. Family in terms of roots and support may be important to you but these placements do not in anyway imply that you'll stay at home with Mum and Dad. Home, when you create your own, may be a place where you gather strength and ideas and nourishment but this is to equip you to deal with th outside world. It may even be that you run your career from home or that home is where you have the best ideas within your chosen career.

There are eleven other areas covered by your chart. Each one has a ruling planet and each one will be a part of your life. If your home and family end up taking more of your time then this is because you have chosen that - it is not predestined and it is not your 'fate' to be a home person - its a choice and you have control over which way you opt.

Al Si'ra
05-08-2006, 19:47
thanks a lot for clearing that out..i was really worried..by the way..what you say is true..i like my home..or any place i feel like home..i like solitude as well that is when i can gather my thoughts..i don't like feeling restless as well..when i do i just feel the need to go back to my homely surroundings..and studying at home does not feel unattractive at all..while i am so fond of traveling i wouldn't think of leaving the place i live. the other part..staying wth parents was really scary lol


07-08-2006, 06:09
Clearly your cousin didnt take into account that you have sagittarius on the fourth house cusp.

Your chart is extremely hard to see; can you post your birth info or put your chart in a photobucket?

Al Si'ra
07-08-2006, 21:38
ow..i don't know how to do the photobucket but here is my info..i have already posted it in astrology section i guess but here it is just in case i am writing it again:
Sun: Sagittarius house:3
Moon:Capricorn house:4
Mercury: Sag house:4
Venus:Cap house:4
Mars:Aquarius house:5
Jupiter:Cap house:4
Saturn: Scorpion house:3
Uranus: Sag house:3
Neptune: Cap house:4
Pluto: Scorpio house:2
True Node:Taurus house:9
Mean Node:Taurus house:9
Chiron: Gemini house:9

Thanx for the interest lol :)

07-08-2006, 22:17
in astrodienst use *extended chart selection* as the charts are larger
when your chart comes up, click on it and it will expand it even more - then save picture to your pc

then upload it to www.imageshack.us (its free and no registration required)
browse to chose the file from your pc, then click host it

use the last option when you get the different picture options - direct link to image,

copy that url and then paste in here

Al Si'ra
07-08-2006, 22:34
Hmm..i am computer retarded..let's see if that worked..thank you star-lover!!



07-08-2006, 22:50
oh yes well done LOL!
sometimes the image shrinks back down but you just wait for the little orange box to appear on the bottom right and click on it to expand

dont worry, theres masses of things I can't do on the pc