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11-08-2006, 11:20
Once we bring Venus into our discussions we start to think about romantic relationship issues. We have to remember that planet contacts between charts work for everyone -- lovers, enemies, children, co-workers, neighbors. Up till now we haven't had much discussion other than on personal-relationships-to-our-significant-other. I will try to look for some public or famous people/partners to find examples that we can compare our own charts to.

The harmonious aspects (conjunction, trine, sextile) between one's Sun and another's Venus are just that -- harmonious. Using our keywords for the Sun (creative power, vitality, enthusiasm, proactiveness) and Venus (socialness, love, appreciation, affection, generosity) we can blend them and extend our Sun-Venus words to include sympathy, domestic tranquility, loving relationships, devotion and loyalty. These two will tend to be mutually supportive and have much in common.

The inhormonious contacts are, of course, the opposition and the square. In my experience, Venus doesn't do well with oppositions, always trying to express one's own values in a way that is seperate from the opposing planet. So, we might expect a lack of support or at least a delay or lukewarmness in offering/receiving support. Venus seems well aware of Sun's position and wants, but insists on being focused on itself first, almost as if needing to show its own self-worth in contrast to the ever-shinning Sun and its own sense of confidence and value.

The Sun-square-Venus aspect doesn't work well most of the time. We have to keep in mind that both Sun and Venus are positive planets -- at their worst they aren't brutal with each other, something akin to "tolerant" might be the worst type of relationship on average. The square always tends to let planets express themselves at cross purposes to each other -- we might expect to see a clash of values, wanting what the other has or conversely not liking what the other has or values.

Now we have to keep in mind the nature of the relationship when looking at the opposition or square. For friends, envy or denial of support might emerge. For parents and children, exasperation and inability to communicate or teach values might be evident. With neighbors these aspects might suggest different opinions or goals in terms of fences, gardens, home appearance. For lovers we might find them having to work at defining shared goals and values, negotiating or adopting a give-and-take methodology to ease tensions.

My wife's Sun sextiles my Venus. She is often very supportive in making sure that I have whatever I need in terms of tools, hobbies, cars, favorite foods, etc. Last month she insisted on me having a new flat-panel TV for my den to replace an older TV. Today she insisted on it being time to purchase a new vehicle -- I was not looking to replace my present car. The one we ended up with was quite pricely and will be very nice to have.

I look forward to hearing from others on this important inter-chart aspect when/where it occurs. Dave

11-08-2006, 11:34
I have my Venus conjunct my friends Sun. Yay! :D We do make a good pair. Recently we almost became flatmates, but sadly it was not possible due to timing. Maybe fulltime living together would have shattered my imagined " domestic tranquility" but I think not (well hope not!).

Greg's Venus Conjunction Michelle's Sun
Orb 644' Separating
The combination of the Sun and the personal planet Venus is a positive one for personal relationships. It suggests that there is a sense of harmony and abundance in this union. It's likely that Michelle and Greg felt a strong attraction when they first met, possibly falling deeply in love. The durability of the attraction depends on other connections between the planets. However, Michelle and Greg are likely to remain friends even if they do not maintain an intimate partnership. Both Michelle and Greg feel at ease in each other's company, because they both feel that the other person is contributing positively to the union. As a result Michelle and Greg can relax and enjoy the benefits of their friendship. They seem to be able to settle arguments in a friendly and loving fashion, communicating with ease. Michelle feels that Greg enhances her sense of self. She feels valued by Greg and this helps her to truly shine in the world. Greg feels that his creativity is enhanced by his relationship with Michelle. The warmth and generosity of Michelle helps Greg better express himself in relationships. Perhaps Greg also benefits financially through his association with Michelle.

Its pretty much spot on. Except we don't really argue about anything, so not sure how we settle arguments... We have occasional periods of estrangement, due to busy schedules and conflicting interests, but its not caused by disagreements. Though it's correct a simple conversation fixes things easily. And I don't get financial benefits :laugh: Although I did get a very good birthday present this year. Which makes up for the last couple years where I got nothing cause she couldn't find the perfect thing. :rolleyes:

17-08-2006, 10:47
My huband's venus trines my sun. I've noticed this combination in a lot of relationships that lead to marriage. I don't think it guarantees the marriage will stay together, because just as many relationships with this aspect end in divorce. There have been a few people I've know that their sun conjuncts my venus, and I've always had a pleasant time with them, but it's always been fleeting, nothing permanant.

Then there is this man I know. Our suns mutually square both our venus'. LOL, you talk about two people who clash and are stubborn to the hilt in getting what they want, not allowing the other any room or tolerance.

17-08-2006, 11:18
Don't square always seem to be tough between people? In my primary words for the Sun I use "will" and "ego" a lot. Your comments, stardancer, about the mutual squares, chart-to-chart, between Sun and Venus really show the Sun at its worst. Who can't get along with Venus? -- well anyone in a square aspect.

Things can stay really simple when initially looking and comparing two charts. Dave

17-08-2006, 12:29
Yeah, I can't wait for the Sun Mars thread. ;)

17-08-2006, 14:10
I would add, my experience with the square is like two kids playing games to see how much they can irritate the other, or not give the other what they want. We're talking two grown ups here, and even though I see the astrological pattern clearly, I still relish irritating this other. And I suspect he enjoys the same. Maybe someday, we'll have a big laugh about it. :D

isthmus nekoi
18-08-2006, 02:31
My primary partner's Venus is trine my sun and Merc. In terms of socialness, we get on very well w/each others' friends and I'll do things w/his friends even when he's not around. Generosity translates easily into gifts and we like to surprize each other that way, usually w/art related things which is also very Venus. Venus rules pleasure seeking and we share very similar tastes when it comes to the pursuit of pleasure e.g. fine dining, art/culture, travel etc. We even like each other's clothes!! Not that wardrobe is important to us but it's another example of the trine's harmonious nature. For some reason, I would say having so much in common feels energizing rather than predictable but perhaps this is b/c Uranus is strong in our synastry and composite.

Interestingly, my father's Venus is also trine my sun but he can't stand my tastes :D In fact, I would say my father doesn't really understand art at all but he did make a concerted effort to expose me to the arts! On top of visual art and music lessons, he was always buying me books as a child and he read to me every night. He also taught me to value quality over quantity and that life enriching experiences like travel, education and dining were worth spending a lot over. I'm very similar in terms of valuing these things.

I have my good friend's Venus opposite my Cap sun, her sun opposite my Sag Venus... Double whammy lol! It seems I always get on VERY well w/ppl w/Cancer placements as long as they have a healthy dose of air (esp Gemini placements - opposite my Sag planets! Guess I really dig the double oppositional energy or something lol). We have similar values but our life goals, desires and tastes are very different. e.g. we both value art and reading but there's almost no overlap in what we'll see or buy. We both like travel, but have very different travel styles. We both value our career paths, but our definitions of career success are worlds apart. Consequently, I think we've learned A LOT from each other. We're both Sag moons so we're always open to trying something different. We have also really disagreed w/some of the other's major life decisions but despite that will still show total support. Funnily enough, it feels really natural to do this when you would think it would be very difficult. Other placements probably make it so, as well as the fact that we were never competitive probably b/c our goals are so different.

I have my Venus square the sun of another friend, an even older relationship. We have similar values in that our backgrounds and world views are similar, but the way we function isn't. e.g. she prefers to evade confrontation while I'd rather have it all out and get conflicts resolved right away. She also has a typical Piscean tendancy to be wishy washy, especially in her "being there" sometimes - I used to resent this a lot until I learned this was simply a difference in our default ways of functioning. But I never depend on her anymore so I think b/c of this we're not as close as we used to be. If she drifts my way it's great, like we were never apart, if she drifts away, that's fine and I know eventually the tides will change.

08-09-2006, 06:13
Venus conjuncts my sun, but with an 8 degree orb, so I'll take it lightly. From what I read in the interpretation, I think what I relate to most is feeling at ease and happy in each other's company.