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13-08-2006, 17:10
In Helveticas healing crystals thread, chrisam-crystals mentions that she wears her moonstones 24/7.

My first ever book on crystals was Judy Halls Crystal Bible, which mentioned that some women may have to remove moonstone around the time of the full moon.

Do any of you follow this advice ? Since I read that last year I have taken mine off a couple of days before the full moon & started wearing them again a few days after.

A few months ago a young girl came into the shop where I work & when she noticed my moonstone pendant, she said how lovely it was. She mentioned that her mother is a crystal healer & never takes her moonstones off. I told her what the crystal bible had said so she asked her mom about it & came back the following day to say her mom said that wearing moonstones at the full moon was the most beneficial time for wearing them.

Just wondering what you guys thought of this ?

13-08-2006, 19:32
very interesting point.

some women who are extra sensitive to their stones and their own emotions may need to remove them around the full moon or their own period, as they will feel a heightened effect - more emotional than usual.

personally i am fine ever since having some of my "workings" removed last year, but before then i used to have to remove EVERYTHING including plain silver jewellery at night-time, full moon and my period.

if i didn't then i would have disturbing dreams, insomnia, emotional outbursts for no reason......not good for the family life! lol

as for charging and cleansing, i do that whilst wearing them.

i sit outside when it is the full moon - luckily my garden faces south so i get the moon shining into my bedroom as well. :)

i stay there for around half hour and allow myself to just bask in her energy, and direct my thoughts to my moonstones and ask that they become cleansed.

it works for me, so perhaps it will work for others too.

although the full moon is the ripest time to cleanse your moonstones, you can also do it from the new moon too......but i prefer to have the full moon drenching me in her energy. :D

jue xx

13-08-2006, 22:23
I would think it is as chrisam suggests - some women may be more sensitive to the stone's vibrations at various times during a lunar - and their own menstrual - cycle than at others. For that reason, I don't think there really could be a hard and fast rule about it.

I do know my moonstones and my selenite sphere absolutely pulse with energy when in the light of the full moon.

13-08-2006, 22:51
it is just trial and error - see what you are like at different phases of the moon and note it down in a journal or a calendar.

as a side note, has anyone ever had rainbow moonstones which have eventually over time turned blue?

the ones that i have in my massive ring started out as rainbows, and have now over a period of 2 years become totally blue!?

13-08-2006, 23:36
I wore a moonstone pendant the night of the full moon, a goddess pendant. I experienced the most amazing heightened feeling of oneness with the moon, and at the same time, awe. I cried several times, but they were cleansing, beautiful tears. Perhaps because the moon was in Aquarius, it lent some detachment...I didn't lose it!

But I did have some powerful dreams! (e.g. my motorbike dream)