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19-08-2006, 02:10
These two astrological bodies should prove interesting to explore. Both are involved with the assertion of our will, ego, the projection of our wants. Very few chart-owners feel that their Sun or Mars plays a "quiet" role in their lives.

SUN conjunct MARS:
On the "good" side, this can be a joint, highly creative artistic collaboration, or the encouragement and support by the Sun-person for the Mars-person. Yes, there can be a wrinkle or two with these two tend-to-be-pushy bodies. What ever happens with these two, it will happen fast and not drag on. For friends, the Sun wants to lead and direct, but often finds that Mars is running fast ahead -- we have a "back seat driver" effect, perhaps. In marriages, the man may be immature and overly-forceful if he has Mars conjunct the woman's Sun. The "books" generally consider this aspect to one of strong sexual attraction.

SUN opposite MARS:
This isn't often a comfortable aspect between partners. However these two express themselves (in terms of typical keywords), there will likely be both a degree of extreme or over-expression along with a fluctuation on involvement. Rivalry and conflict will be apparent, which is not good for partners and may lead to jealously, suspicion, etc. if aspects to Moon, Neptune, Saturn are involved.

SUN square MARS:
While the "opposition" was described as being "often not comfortable", the square is mostly "tought" in terms of conflict and differing ways of doing things. The square is also more emotional as there is more passion and strong intenet involved. Arguments, hate, anger -- what a turmoil this aspect can create out of a peaceful situation. Who will dominate? Will the relationship be able to survive for long? Big-time adjustments are required for this aspect.

SUN trine/sextile MARS:
All of the expected benefits of these harmonious aspects will tend to be present -- harmony, cooperation, support, joint-participation and ease of communication.

OK, lets see what real-life experiences are reported by the list. Dave

19-08-2006, 20:42
Well, we have a sextile-My Scorpio Sun-and his Virgo Mars.
Yes, like you stated Dave, we definitely feel the "harmony, cooperation, support, joint-participation and ease of communication".
When I "want" things, he's more than willing to help out-he just does. This is not a relationship where I have to ask "nicely", or get the "say please" treatment. My needs are understood quickly, and fulfilled in the best possible way-and this feels good for both sides.

Virgo Mars tends to consider before action, and he can "consider" quickly. I like these considerations- they offer me more confidence as to the "course of action". If offers a good backing, real support you can count on, and not fake agreeing, the kind that is based on mutual independent thought.

In the past, i have had experiene my Sun in Scorpio with someone's Mars in Scorpio (a few times), and I have to admit that it offers a very powerful attraction, but one that is short lived. The Mars person, is not one to "hung around" and wait for developments patiently, or "work" his way. There is no "saying-no" to Mars in Scorpio, and this brings many dissapointments (which by the way, is just how I see the 5 of Cups-who's astrological attribute is Mars in Scorp).
For work, i find this Scorpio Sun-Scorpio Mars combination a bit too volatile too. Energetic but not one that can offer a solid foundation for years long cooperation.

20-08-2006, 00:40
I mentioned in the Venus Sun thread that I knew a man and both our Venus' squared each others Suns. Well, it's the same as our Mars. (This happens because I have a Mars Venus opposition and he has a conjunction. Both our Suns are in degrees to square the other's configuration.

There's a definite love hate relationship that's almost obsessive. I understand the psychology behind it, but like I said, I also enjoy the turmoil, as I think he does also. Our Moons are also conjunct, btw. We share the same configuration of Moon/Venus/Mars and Jupiter, although not the same aspects. I really don't have the opportunity to explore this further because we are both married, lol. Maybe that's just as well. There's a sense of 'I'm untouchable' on his part, yet there's definite body language teasing to get my attention. I just roll my eyes and give it back.

There be names for men like that. :D

It's all a game, is the only way I have to sum it up. Venus and Mars = game playing.

20-08-2006, 04:45
i dont have sun mars aspects with my husband but i had them with erm my *friend* - sun square mars and a double aspect - my mars square his sun his mars my sun - we were born days from each other and we both had mars sun square as well in natal charts - its like arguing with yourself strewth!!! we both understood our anger and we both accepted it and went on

bad ones -fiery ones - but always legitimate ones from both our eyes

but thankfully we have many moon venus neptune jupiter aspects that calmed them eventually - saving graces

thats all from me

08-09-2006, 06:07
Mars semisquares my sun.

I'm going to take this as a square, but a little different. I still see the friction, but it's not that bad and it even adds to the fun. We're always giving each other BS but in joke. Arguements for the fun of it seems like it would match this angle.

08-09-2006, 07:05
the semisquare is just like a square but a bit more *diluted*

i agree sun/mars awkward aspects can just add a bit of spice now and again - actually quite frequently i should say - you know the relationship is alive and thriving with them and the making up is so great LOL afterwards - until the next flare up - unless they are indicative of on/off relationships - in which case the last flare up is definitely the last - other factors considered though - i read a report once - sun square mars - starts with a fanfare and ends in a bang - alot, alot of ego clashing here, and as I said, depends on other aspects how it might pan out - anyhow sun/mars is a *sexy* aspect to have with each other however you cut it!

i would much rather these than say harsh mars-saturn interaspects - now they can leave such a bitter taste in the mouth - leave it at that for the mars- saturn series later on