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25-08-2006, 05:56
Don't seem to hear much about them on this forum. Have any of you had any experience with working with rubies ?

25-08-2006, 08:17
I wish I could afford to discuss ruby, but with a precious stone, I wouldn't be able to settle for lesser grade, either cut or raw. :(

25-08-2006, 08:30
You know Redflash that is always a gem I have wanted. I had a little pin with four small rubies in it that I gave to my daughter but in those days did not understand the import of the rubies.

I think I am going to pursue acquiring a ruby, either the gem itself, they are not so very expensive except when in jewellery or a raw type which is still ruby untouched.

What has been your experience Redflash ?

25-08-2006, 09:31
I LOVE the common regular Ruby. It is wonderfully healing, nurturing,energizing and balancing. A major heart healer as well as a stone of survival , restorative. strengthens physical body, emotional healing , love, confidence, vitality, stamina, courage, strength, leadership, stimulates circulation, earth healing .
Womens issues, Passion,and calming , Earth and Fire elemental healing.
Spiritually grounding . also worn for clarity and wisdom and an as a wealth bringer. It can improve ones success at handling in controversies and disputes, encourage gentleness an excellent shielding stone, protecting on all levels andsafeguarding ones consciousness from psychic attack.
used to protect the wearer/carrier against unhappiness, distressing dreams, and lightning. encourages bliss and alleviates inner darkness

Don't let the idea that you have to have a fine gem quality stone get in the way of establishing a relationship with Ruby. Many of the inexpensive low grade stones have a tremendous oomph and beauty and they are often really affordable I have flat rubies the size of a quarter I have tiny ones and medium sized ones I even have one with a bit of lovely chatoyancy if not a true star. Anyway as you may have guessed I feel that Ruby is a wonderful companion for your crystal healing and meditations My two most recent are a lovely violetish ruby dedicated to Kwan Yin and the violet flame and an absolutely magnificent Ruby in Zoisite Puffy heart that is just juicy with wonderful healing energies and loving comfort ( I work with heart shaped stones in place of cabochons for a lot of my laying on of stones work.)
Any way I have gone on way too long ( I'm Gemini did you guess)
anyway yes rubies are a very useful in a great deal of crystal healing, magick and meditation work.

25-08-2006, 10:33
Unfortunatly not but I did have a wonderfull experience with one once.

If anyone on the east coast of Oz has ever had the pleasure of visiting the Ballina Gem and Mineral Museum (now closed and dispersed?) you might have seen it. I went there with a friend who was selling Tintenbar opal and got talking to the guy who owned the shop. He asked if I liked crystals and showed me one in the case. It was very dark, nearly black/maroon, a a natural rod with an off-set point on one end, the other end broken at about 45 deg. about 3 inches wide 5 inches long. he handed it to me and asked me what I thought about it. It seemed to have a deep and strong energy but calming. he them told me it was ruby. I was pretty amazed as I have only seen small cut and uncut ones, never anything this big, I have no I idea what it was worth, or if I was even being told the truth. Maybe they arent worth so much like that? he wanted to sell it to me for about $500 along with just about anything else - the shop was closing down. I was broke that day ... I wonder if any lucky cashed up person came along ... he had bargains galore!

Do you think this would have been a real ruby crystal rod?

25-08-2006, 10:36
Another amazing thing about ruby; I remember reading when I was young that the first laser beam was produced by coiling a xenon tube around a ruby rod, the tube was electrically activated, a light shon in one end of the rod and a laser beam came out the other end of the rod .... wow! That's some crystal tech!

25-08-2006, 12:22
Love Rubys. But skygreen said it best.

25-08-2006, 16:25
I haven't used them much yet. Have a few of the small, flat rough pieces, they're not much to look at but they just feel good to hold. I have a tiny ruby star cab that I want set into a pendant, just trying to come up with a design.

I bought an oval shaped ruby pendant a little while ago that I have had made into a ring, just picked it up from the jewellers yesterday. I had been looking round a crystal shop, just browsing, when I just felt something telling me to turn round & go see what was in the corner. There it was, not very well displayed, an oval ruby pendant set in silver, in a style that I wouldn't wear. The stone has lots of clouding, it's not gem grade really. But I knew I had to have it & get it set into a ring. I haven't charged or dedicated it yet. Its definitely got OOOMPH !

I'm going to keep it on & see what happens. I don't really react to crystals, apart from herkimers & moldavite, & I don't really work with them now, sometimes slip a piece of merlinite into my pocket to bring some magic into my life ! But there's something about this one. I will post on this forum about any experiences. xx

dr. farr
25-08-2006, 16:52
Don't overlook naturally ocuring ruby-in-zoisite, which combines the properties of both stones and is a generally available at reasonable prices
(ruby-in-fuschite and ruby-in-kyanite are other highly useful stones but not as generally available as ruby-in-zoisite-see Gienger's "Healing Crystals from A-Z' for synopses of properties of each of the above)

26-08-2006, 21:26
I love rubies - but a good one is beyond my price range ;)

So I console myself with this saying from the Bible: "Who can sufficiently praise a good woman? Her value is above rubies". :D

Briar Rose
29-08-2006, 11:52
If anyone lives near Caves (the type you can visit) they always have bags of sand with minerals and you can 'pan' them (there at the cave site with running water and a screen).

I have rough cut rubies and emeralds. The sand bad is full of them for about $10.00. And they they fossils too, which are excellent for healing.

And a ruby is a ruby and a emerald is a emerald whether or not it's a jeweler's grade or a healers grade.

And don't forget to look at the ruby beads on e-bay. You should be able to get them at good prices.

29-08-2006, 15:10
I love rubies - but a good one is beyond my price range ;)

So I console myself with this saying from the Bible: "Who can sufficiently praise a good woman? Her value is above rubies". :D

If I sufficiently praise you, will you send me a ruby?

Briar Rose
30-08-2006, 07:27
You mean me Ravenest? I'm sending you a PM.

30-08-2006, 08:03
Of all the precious stones, I think ruby is the most beautiful. I have a ruby in my engagement ring and a beautiful ruby ring that I brought back from India some years ago (jewellery was incredibly cheap there). And I have a little Victorian brooch with a ruby in it, given to me by my husband's aunt and which had belonged to her great aunt Mary.

I've not worked with rubies - I just love wearing them!

30-08-2006, 10:46
You mean me Ravenest? I'm sending you a PM.
Ummm .... no, sorry. I was having a joke with Helvetica (that's why I quoted her).

30-08-2006, 17:49
If I sufficiently praise you, will you send me a ruby?I you sufficiently praise me, I might marry you :D (and you can have the privilege of buying me a ruby engagement ring :*).

31-08-2006, 11:58
Who is this maiden robed for a bride,
White shoulders and bright brows adorable,
The flaming locks that clothe her, and abide,
As God were bathing in the fire of Hell?
They change, they grow, they shake
As sunlight on the lake:
They hiss, they glisten on her bosom bare.
O maiden, maiden queen!
The lightning flows between
Thy mounting breasts, too magically fair.

Draw me, O draw me to a dreaming death!
Send out thine opiate breath,
And lull me to the everlasting sleep,
That, closing from the kisses of disdain
To ecstasy of pain,
I may sob out my life into their dangerous deep.

Who cometh from the mountain as a tower
Stalwart and set against the fiery foes!
Who, breathing as a jasmine-laden bower?
Who, crowned and lissome as a living rose?
Sharp thorns in thee are set;
In me, in me beget
The dolorous despair of this desire.
Thy body sways and swings
Above the tide of things,
Laps me as ocean, wraps me round as fire!

Ye elemental sorceries of song,
Surge, strenuous and strong,
Seeking dead dreams, the secret of the shrine;
So that she drain my life and being up
As from a golden cup,
To mingle in her blood, death's kiss incarnadine.

Who cometh from the ocean as a flower?
Who blossometh above the barren sea,
Thy lotus set beneath thee for a bower,
Thine eyes awakened, lightened, fallen on me?
O Goddess, queen, and wife!
O lady of my life!

Who set thy stature as a wood to wave?
Whose love begat thy limbs?
Whose wave-washed body swims
That nurtured thee, and found herself a grave?
But thou, O thou, hast risen from the deep!
All mortals mourn and weep
To see thee, seeing that all love must die
Besides thy beauty, see thee and despair!
Deadly as thou art fair.

01-09-2006, 18:45
Not much to answer that })

(gone to test my opiate breath)

01-09-2006, 21:04
I used to have a very small ruby which was given to me as a natural apidural when I last gave birth...it was supposed to reduce pain during labor...well,- it STILL hurt unbelievably much but the birth itself was reduced by 4 times my usual, so perhaps it did help after all... :D :)

07-09-2006, 11:23
skygreen, i did not know so much about the ruby---thanks for posting all that. i love the ruby too---(i love ALL gemstones!), and for our 10th anniversary, my husband and i exchanged ruby rings to wear with our wedding rings. mainly because it is also our daughter's birthstone, and so the ruby has special meaning to us both.

your posting on this stone has led me to want to learn more about gemstones. i wonder---does this site have information on all gemstones? guess i'll find out soon enough. and no, ruby's don't have to be expensive--we really did not spend much on our ruby rings, and they are beautiful stones. we get great compliments on them all the time!

07-09-2006, 11:52
for our 10th anniversary, my husband and i exchanged ruby rings to wear with our wedding rings. mainly because it is also our daughter's birthstone, and so the ruby has special meaning to us both

When I was pregnant with my first son, my wedding band didn't fit, and my husband bought me a ruby ring to wear instead. It has five rubies and it's really pretty. Ruby is my birthstone. Now that my wedding ring fits, I hardly wear the ruby ring anymore, but when I do, I put it on first, then the wedding band, then the engagement ring. It looks great together but I'm not a huge jewelry person so I don't usually wear that much (ok, I don't usually wear any jewelry at all). But this thread is making me want to get out my ruby ring and start wearing it again.

16-01-2007, 07:21
Rubies are a blessing! I use a ring and earrings, and I own a record keeper one too.
I use them with black and white opal and emerald

19-01-2007, 11:51
I have a large star ruby cabuchon about half an inch across and set into a huge, or at least it seems so to me because I'm petite (about 2 1/2 inches across) megalodon shark's tooth and then it's wrapped with heavy gold wire to make a pendant that was made and given to by someone online several years ago. I've always sensed a tremendous power about the pendant. It was stolen four years ago and about six months ago, was returned to me by someone who knew it was mine and "stole" it back. When I received it in the first place, it was from a shaman/artist fellow and I thought it was sort of odd and extravagant to just be given it by someone I didn't know at all and odd in design for me to wear, but I do wear it sometimes. Holding it in my hand, it's just very awe-inspiring to think of the ancientness of the tooth. And I hadn't even known star rubies existed. Now I've read up on them and know that they're not all that common and that by heating rubies, the chatoiyancy goes away and the stones become more clear, which might be why the stars are not more common. In the natural form, rubies are not very clear, so the big dealers buy tons of rough and then expose it to heat treatment to make it clear.

Thanks for the information on rubies. I think I'll wear it more often now, maybe on a neckwire.

28-02-2007, 09:33
I am a ring person, and my husband gave me a lovely ruby and diamond ring, several years ago as a Christmas present. My favourite novel is Jane Eyre and throughout the whole book is symbolism based on red and white, so we call this my Jane Eyre ring! I even wear it at night because it gives me a sort of comfort when I wear my favourite rings. When I was sick, this past year, my husband would place it on my finger before I went to sleep and called it my "power ring" so I would sleep well. I just love it because it is pretty!

05-09-2007, 20:02
I'm absolutely mad about rubies! Today my husband promised me that if I still think I want to have some ruby jewellery on friday next week, we could maybe get me some. Now, I'm not talking about the very expensive ones but the sort of opaque looking ones from India.

Here's what I get to choose from... What would you choose?




Briar Rose
06-09-2007, 00:31
http://cgi.ebay.com/FACETED-NATURAL-RUBY-PENDANT-0-925-SILVER-115CT_W0QQitemZ140152733593QQihZ004QQcategoryZ1517 2QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

That's a link to E-bay as I typed in Ruby pendant. I bought one similiar to this one at a wholesale bead show for $26.00. Mine has 2 more rows of rubies forming a sunburst. I think it's beautiful. The one pictured isn't going to be small, it's rather big!!!! You would love it. I see them listed all the time. The rubies and pendant are from India. You won't be disappointed. I should have got the Emerald one too!!!!!

The rubies are translucent to opaque, and bright pinky red, ruby red!

Truly a wonderful find. They aren't that expensive unless you go with a flawless cut ruby.

I have some uncut rubies I got at a cave mine (that bag of sand you pan through for gems and fun).

06-09-2007, 01:54
I would have a look at eBay before you decide, there are some good deals there. I purchased a cut sapphire from India off eBay and was most happy with what I received. As for what to choose, ask yourself what looks best on you. Also, silver tarnishes very quickly on some people, making rings and bracelets black in no time.

06-09-2007, 06:10
Aure, obviously you should go with the ones you are most drawn too but me personally seeing that you asked the question.. I like...


As I think they match up quite well as a sort of set.

And this ring: http://ametisti.net/kauppa/picserve.cgi?picserve=/RUBIINI999.JPG I luuuuurve it :D I like it as it makes a statement and I personally love big rings (ones that wrap around the fingers)

You will have to show us which ones you get :)